Being With Me is Not a Question of Time


First thing: it is not only here this moment that you are with me – you have been before.

Life is so interrelated. It is a river-like flow. We divide it into past, present and future, but the division is just utilitarian. Life is not divided. The flow of life is contemporaneous.

The river Ganges at the very source, the river Ganges passing through the Himalayas, the river Ganges on the plains, the river Ganges falling into the ocean – this is one! It is contemporaneous. The origin and the end, the beginning and the end, are not two separate things – it is one flow. It is not past and future. It is eternal present. This has to be understood very deeply.

You have been with me. You are with me. It is not a question of past. If you can be silent, if you can put your mind aside a little, if you can become a white cloud perched on a hill, not thinking, just being – you will feel it. You have been with me, you are with me, you will be with me. This being with me is not a question of time.

Discourse Pune 1

Somebody asked Jesus: You talk about Abraham…how do you know, because there is a long gap between the days of Abraham and Jesus – thousands of years. And Jesus said a very mysterious sentence, the most mysterious that Jesus ever asserted. He said: “Before Abraham was, I am.” Before Abraham was, I am. Time dissolved.

Life is eternal present. We have been here and now always – forever, forever. Different shapes, different forms, of course, different situations. But we have been always and always.

Individuals are fictions. Life is not divided. We are not like islands, we are one. This oneness has to be felt. And once you feel this oneness, time disappears, space becomes meaningless. Suddenly you are transported from both time and space. Then you are – simply you are.

Osho, My Way: The Way of the White Clouds, Ch 2, Q 1 (excerpt)

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