Osho Festival in Italy!


Remember the magic date: April 4-7 – and a magic country: Italy!

It is that time of the year – April – when the annual Osho Festival takes off! Due to its success in the previous ten years when it was held in Riccione, this year’s festival will be held at a brand new conference center in Bellaria, just a little to the North of Riccione, on the Adriatic Sea.

Here some pictures from last year’s festival, to give you a taste of scale and dynamics:

The Bellaria conference center is equipped with three huge halls – enough space to hold the more than fifty events and meditations planned and can accommodate the well over thousand enthusistic participants coming from all over Europe. Those who were in Pune or Rajneeshpuram will remember the incredible explosion of energy that happens when so many do Dynamic, Kundalini, and the Evening Meditation together.

There will be a variety of events led by well-known international facilitators – Anando, Svagito, Tarika, Homa & Mukto. There will be lots of dances, live music and the largest AUM Meditation in the world. Plus a wide range of individual mini sessions (more than twenty different techniques will be availble) to partake at a nominal fee.

As one of the many previous participants enthused, “You can try out different techniques, different workshop leaders and find out what is best for you… and meet beautiful people, old friends (and make new ones)!”

Osho Festival…
You have to be there
to fully understand
how magical it is!”

Introducing a new feature this year, the festival will have a more international flavor as most of the events and meditations will be led in English with Italian translations. Also the program and all information will be in English.

We have also arranged for central hotel bookings through ‘Turismhotels’ offering special rates for festival participants, with the best quality in every price range.

Remember the magic date: April 4 to 7 – and we look forward to seeing you there!


You can’t miss it:

Bellaria Rimini

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