Just Say Yes!


Devotional sannyas music [with slide show created by Portuguese friends, dedicated to Ma Prem Aditi, and an answer by Osho]*

Beloved Osho,
Yes, yes, yes, Osho. Yes.

Mukta, that’s what prayer is. Prayer consists of only one single word. That is the meaning of AMEN: it means yes.

If you have said yes with your total heart, you have said all that can be said, that need be said. If you can say yes with your total heart, you are in celebration. If you can say yes to existence, you have arrived.

Get deeper and deeper into yes. Say yes to each and every thing. Say yes to good and bad, to day and night, to summer and winter. Say yes to success and to failure. Say yes to life and to death. Forget everything else; just remember one word: yes, and it can transform your whole being, it can become a radical change, a revolution.

Yes is all that is meant by prayer. People pray with so many words – meaningless; just one word is enough.

Osho, The Sun Rises in the Evening, Ch 4, Q 8

The song ‘Just Say Yes’ was written by Sudhananda and performed here by him. The female vocal is Disha and Mila does a backing vocal in the choral part. The lovely flute in the end is Yashu. The song was recorded around 1989, the same time ‘Home is where the Heart Is’ and ‘Love is the Fire’. All these songs became part on the then cassette ‘Burning Up’ and were later included in the CD ‘Songs of Awakening’.

Info on the song thanks to Narayani

*Updated 5.8.2020: video unavailable/em>

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