Voyages — 11 March 2013

…left his body on 9th March 2013, at age 70.

Parijat, Ami, Joris and Vinod
Parijat 2
Parijat 1
Parijat, Urja and Mitro - where is Ami
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Vinod wrote: Parijat was originally from Cologne in Germany. In his 30’s he lived on the outskirts of the city in a big watermill. He came to Pune in 1980, took sannyas and developed a deep and lifelong love for Osho.

When last year I asked him what had been the most beautiful moments in his life, he always came back to the amazing moments and his time with Osho. Osho gave him the name ‘Parijat’ meaning ‘a beautiful oriental flower’. Many of us know this tree from India that stands leafless during the winter season but develops the most amazingly fragrant white flowers that one can smell for miles in the night. He was indeed like that!

In 1981 he gave up everything in Germany and moved to the Ranch with his three children, where he stayed until the end in 1985. Many may remember him working first in Magdalena, and later in RBG driving one of the big red Lube Trucks or spending time with his three lovely Thai-born children: Ami, Mitro and Urja.

He and I lived together as beloveds for 19 years from 1982: a journey that took us and the children on many wonderful journeys, living, working and travelling in many countries around Europe.

Seven years ago he rebuild in his extraordinary creative ways a house and settled in the Italian countryside near Orvieto, where he lived until his death. His son Mitro was tirelessly taking care of him for many months, so was a group of us old friends and family.

Parijat died from kidney cancer that was diagnosed ten months ago, when the cancer had already spread in the body. He decided not to undergo any of the conventional ways of treatment but, to alleviate the discomforts and pains, to stay as much as possible with natural remedies and nutrition in which he had firmly believed all his life.

He left peacefully listening to the music from Jonathan Livingston Seagull, which he loved very much. I hope – and I feel it very strongly – that he is flying high, effortlessly, in the endless blue sky over the oceans!

According to Parijat’s wish, on Monday, 18th March, a Tibetan Phowa Meditation will take place at the Buddhist Centre of the Karma Kagyu in Kirchheim-Teck, Germany, between 8 and 9 p.m.


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Great memories of sleeping in the mountains outside at night with the kids on a bed he built up behind Magdalena. I am so sad to hear of his passing. Much love to Ami, Mitro, Usha, and Vinod,

Dear Parijat, fly high. I remember you so well from Poona 1 and the Ranch in RBG. Fly high, brother, fly home….

Dear Parijat, I always loved you and I will continue to love you. I spent a wonderful time with you and Vinod in Italy. Love you Vinod. Big strong hug,

I am greatful for the memories all the people have for my father, Parijat. He was a good and loving father, as well as a friend. I still can´t believe that he has passed away but I see that he will always be in our hearts. No words can explain how I feel but the love that comes from all over the world shows me that I am not alone. In always loving memory. I love you Daddy,

Parijat, my deepest friend and Osho fellow traveller, I am endlessly touched by the beauty of your being. I am endlessly grateful, that you were so much in my life – and you will always be. Only my tears can show how I feel about this gift, to have been one of your closest friends for so many years….

Beloved father, friend and being of immense simplicity and beauty, thank you for the life shared and for all the little things that you tought me by just being who you are and enjoying…your garden, your art, your walks, your food. I keep seeing your hands, always open, welcoming and warm. In gratitude and joy,
Nura (aka Urja)

I am filled with emotions when looking back at the time we all spent together with Parijat. He was such a wonderful person, full of joy and strength, and had a beautiful way to share his bright spirit with us. It is such a treat to have known him.