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We’d love to have your photographs!

To illustrate Osho’s discourses, articles about Osho and our caravanserai, we avidly collect photographs – of Osho during his entire life, of sannyasins and their surroundings ever since Osho began travelling – Mumbai, Pune 1, Chidvilas, Rajneeshpuram, the World Tour, and Pune 2 times – Osho Centers and Communes, Sannyas events.

In spite of intense research, we have been unable to unearth more unpublished photographs that were made at the ashram, particularly photos made during darshan and of ashram activities for book publishing purposes. Have they really disappeared or are they in some forgotten filing cabinet? Any information you could give us is welcome!

Also, if you have good quality photographs (or scans) of images you can share with us, please send in a good resolution, minimum size between 600kb to 1MB.

Here’s one lovely sample of the Malashop in Pune 1:

Mala Shop Pune 1

We would love to have pictures of places where many of us used to live at in Pune 1, all those great bamboo structures in the fields, the wells in Koregaon Park where we would take a dip, flats around Koregaon Park, flats in central Pune, pictures of Koregaon Park, No. 70, Laxmi Villas, Mulshi Lake, Saswad, ashram activities in the various departments (most photos we have of those have been published again and again!) such as Vrindavan and Mariam, front gate, back gate, veggie villas, soap production, cheese production, the boutique, weaving, and more, much more.

The same for Rajneeshpuram – here too there are only few photos available which we have reused so many times – and then of Pune 2, and not to forget the world-wide centers and many events you have conducted. We think there are many private photographs hidden in drawers or albums that would show much more than the official published images we have.

Also, it appears more and more friends are writing their memoirs. We would love to be able to help them illustrate their stories with photos of scenes they describe.

Upload the photographs to and send us the link via our contact form or to our dedicated email address:

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Your Osho News Team

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