Pratiksha Among Newsmakers of the Year

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Published in the 2013 annual issue of ‘Society’ in India, renown painter Pratiksha is named as one of the hundred Newsmakers of the year.

Pratiksha’s latest exhibition in Chandigarh has received wide attention and much praise. More than thirty articles have been written since about her superb and inspirational paintings. The writers always mention that Pratiksha is Osho’s niece and publish her quotes about him and meditation. As a random example, Amarjot Kaur of The Tribune writes,

She paints wisdom that is drenched in meditation and it radiates a vision that runs in equal proportion to the intensity of her thoughts. It’s the rarity of her creative expression that delves deep into spirituality to define her existence and she just basks in the sheer joy that she derives from painting while meditating.”

pratiksha in the news


Slideshow of her artwork: Pratiksha: Expressing the Inexpressible

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