Dharma Arnavah


… left his body on 6th June 2013.

From Arnavah’s parents and brother Paul we hear that a few days ago they received news from the US Embassy in Peru that their son, brother and friend has passed away near Machu Picchu in the Andes. At this time they do not have details of the circumstances of his death.

From his brother Paul we have received some notes for his bio:

Arnavah was born as Nathan Krystall in Michigan, USA in 1964. In 1972 he moved with the family to Kenya. He graduated from University of Massachusetts, Amherst and University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.

His ‘career’ was tasting the diversity of what life had to offer. He was a global traveller, spending large portions of his life in Kenya, Massachusetts, Brooklyn, Jerusalem, Johannesburg, Thailand, Cambodia, Bali, India, Greece, Taiwan, Beijing, and finally Peru.

To name just a few of his many occupations: activist for Palestinian rights of residency in Jerusalem, author of biographies (including Swimming Through Life, a biography of his father), ghost-writer, English teacher in Taiwan and Beijing, therapist and healer, musician and music producer, and many more….

Much of his adult life was spent working for societal and political causes in which he believed. His refusal to serve in the Israeli army (required of Jews who move to Israel and acquire citizenship) because he believed the army suppressed the rights of the Palestinian people landed him in prison. But the letter he wrote to the Israeli Minister of Defense explaining why he would not serve was published on the front page of every Arabic-speaking paper (and is still quoted almost 30 years later) and the authorities eventually released him. He also worked constructively for many years in the Middle-East, always for the rights of the Palestinian people.

His priority then became his spiritual path. Instigated by Oscar from Kenya he visited Pune and, in 2004-5, spent a year meditating and working there as an Osho books editor. He also trained in Core Integration bodywork and recently trained to facilitate Osho Mystic Rose.

Arnavah had the most impeccable practices for mind and body – yoga, tai chi, meditation, cleansing and strict diet – which he maintained for over 20 years. He spoke many languages: English, Swahili, Arabic and Hebrew, and was picking up Spanish. He was extremely talented in everything he did – his poetry, his music album, and his writing.

He was a pure soul who was always seeking the truth. Hopefully he found it and is now off on his next adventure.


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Arnavah, you are and inspiration. Your presence will be missed on this planet. Fly high my friend! See you in paradise. <3

Ciao belovedissimo Arnavah! I can´t help but feel sad knowing that you have gone. May this mystery of “disappearing” be the most beautiful gift to your beautiful spirit and soul. Will miss you…

Beloved, thank you for the times we shared. Love to you wherever you are, precious soul.
Jivan Ananta

Beloved friend, may your song, your music, echo in our spirit, in our heart, and vibrate in our beings. Love,

Oh! Oh! dearest beloved Arnavah! Your sudden leaving shocked the shit out of me! What the fuck did you manage up there in Peru? Well, my great singer, songwriter, ghost-writer, Rebalancer, and what not…. You’re my precious hero! I loved your fine subtle humour; it is forever ingrained in my eternal memory. I’m gonna miss you! Thank you so very much for your innocent, playful, ‘light of heart’ being here. Thank you for being my friend. I really love you. I wish you a fantastic, fabulous, smooth flight into the beyond…. Until we meet again! Bye! My sweet Man,

My Beloved Arnavah – so many sweet and deep moments are connected with you. I have been deeply touched by your sudden departure and I send you my love and my light and prayers to wherever you are traveling now on this eternal pilgrimage. May we meet again – Love and Love,

Wao, Arnavah! Another wake up call? I am re-reading the last words you wrote to me a few months ago when I was in the ditch. I found in you a beautiful friend with real depth and I was looking forward to meet again.

“…so I meditate regularly and try my best to be clear and truthful. Enjoy Manali. I’m here anytime you feel to connect. Love love, Arnavah”

I am speechless and touched in the heart. Fly high, beautiful soul. Love,

Dear Arnavah, You were a natural Osho book editor: a generous team player with a keen mind, a warm, sensitive heart and a pure soul. It was a joy to share an office with you that year. Thank you for your life and steady integrity.

I just went looking for Arnavah on Facebook and it had said his account was deleted. Then furthering the search on Google I found the Osho News with the obituary of my dear friend. I am shocked, saddened and can hardly believe that he is no longer on earth. He was indeed a rare and beautiful man; a peaceful being who cared for that which many will not. May Arnavah’s precious spirit live in our hearts and may we feel the resonanace of his presence continue to inspire peace, beauty and prosperity in the world.
Hillary Adrian – Koh Samui

He was a believer in the unseen and advocate of the undone…gentle and kind.

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