Arjun Bharti


…left his body on 9th December 2013.

Arjun Bharti (Chander Arjun Pal Singh) had been living in Pune, in his beautiful Lake House at Khadakwasla lake, where he loved to invite his friends. For nearly 30 years he visited the Osho Resort daily when he was in Pune. There he was seen playing tennis and swim. He has also been assisting in groups many times, but his favorite was always the White Robe Brotherhood, our evening meeting. Whenever he was in Pune he never missed one.

He left his body in Delhi, in his mother’s house. He was 63. His sister said that he died with joy and celebration. The cremation was held among family and friends, as well as Sanjay from Tibetan Pulsing and his wife. As they were the only sannyasins present they sang songs, and one which was known to everyone was: Country roads / take me home / to the place I belong – which fittet well with Arjun. He had been suffering from liver complications since the beginning of this year, but doctors where not sure what it was.

Text thanks to Mega, Jagdish and Ratna

Bhagawati remembers: “In Pune One, during that astounding time when ashram workers had a day off every week, boyfriends with Enfields were in high demand for us sun-loving females. Off we would go either to Mulshi Lake or to Swami Arjun Bharti’s house. To get to the latter, we drove from Koregaon Park to the city and after a short drive through East Street and past Empress Gardens we’d soon find ourselves in the quite pastoral countryside where Arjun’s house is located on the shore of a small lake. Arjun lovingly made the place available for visitors, and many of us spent memorable, sun-drenched hours there, enjoying the cool water of the lake and the peaceful ambience.”

When she asked Arjun about the house he replied: “The house looks the same on the outside although it has been remodeled inside. It is still a haven and jungle, yet more private now, not like it used to be. Somehow the Pune One days and people are imprinted there. What remains is a deep, mysterious, and strong connection, even evoked by simple photographs!”


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Devastating news, a loss of a dear friend who knew how to be one. I am missing you, Arjun, sad for your sudden departure, trusting your path, still regretting not to have you in my life in the physical form. Dear and devoted, sensitive being, caring, truthful, with a fire like only a Pluto person can be. You have been important in my life on many levels. Your presence will be missed tremendously.
Veda Murti

Ciao Arjun. Your wild laughter and your warmth will always remain. Have a safe journey home!

About 20 years ago we walked at night through downtown Nijmegen, Holland. We were being wonderfully foolish, and right in front of the police office I ‘robbed’ him. I still have and cherish the one dollar bill that I took from him. We also shared some long, silent walks in nature. Thanks Arjun,

Thank you, beloved friend, for the many many beautiful moments of togetherness. I heard from Sanjay (he and his wife were the only sannyasins amongst family members at the funeral pyre) that they wanted to sing and that the songs they remembered and which all could sing along were: Country Roads, Take me Home, To the place I belong…. Arjun, you walked soooo many roads and they have taken you home.

Big-hearted man with a wild laughter, that is how I remember you. Blessings on your journey, travel lightly with our love,

Arjun, only 12 days ago I’ve received your last SMS, telling me about “another debatable diagnose”. And now you suddenly left – I am so sad never to see you again. We were friends since the ranch and our connection never broke. I miss you. This year I will be in Delhi again, no Arjun to visit and go out with to interesting places. You loved Osho so much, I am sure your soul is at peace and celebrating. Bye bye, my beloved friend,

I can’t believe that you are gone, Arjun. And so soon. Thank you sooo much for your hospitality at the lake, your laughter, your presence. We all will miss you. Fly high, you beautiful being.

He had a fantastic sence of humor. I remember joking with him each time we met. A great and intelligent man. Love,

Beloved Swami Arjun, I always loved seeing you in the ashram. Your presence used to bring a smile to my heart. Last we met was at your birthday gathering in 2010, the same night the German Bakery was blown up. A noble spirit and a dear one. Blessings,
Ma Prem Saarasa

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