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Sageer Kimani interviews Jagdish Bharti on his movie project inspired by Osho’s early life.

The film will release in theatres across India on January 15, close to Osho’s 26th death anniversary.

Info for friends in Australia: ‘Rebellious Flower’ is screening at the Pighouse Flicks


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What is the difference between your project and the ‘Osho – The Movie’ which, after many years, is still in project stage?

I wish to clarify from the start that it is not going to be a biographical documentary featuring our master’s life, but rather a sort of ‘Poetic-Haiku’ of Indian mystical heritage. A taste of the very natural quest – which is hidden in every human being. In a way we will try to offer our viewers a spoonfull of sea-water of the infinite oceanic. We wish that nobody returns home the same as when they came to the movie theatre.

Jagdish Bharti and Mantra

Jagdish Bharti with Mantra, a famous TV star in India, who will be playing an important role in the film.

It sounds as if it will be a new-wave-spiritual movie.

No, not at all. It is a very simple film moving around our day to day life, showing how innocent and intrinsic questions of a child ripen into the inner rebellion of a youth, through which ultimately a Buddha flowers, who can share the fragrance unconditionally.

Will it not be too serious for viewers who are not acquainted with Osho’s teachings?

Surely not. It is a very juicy script. It will have quite a number of songs based on folk music but also on classical Indian songs. Chinmaya Dunster [update: Amano Manish, et al] will be writing the score and more songs will be arranged by other sannyasins. We are including these songs because sometimes the verbal dialogue falls short of conveying the fleeting hidden truth. The songs will help to transmit the silent moments and the feelings.

Now the Golden Question: who will be acting Osho as a child and in his youth role?

We have selected our actors but we don’t intend to make the names public before going on the floor. That will be at the beginning of March. Our total shooting schedule is of forty-five days and will be mostly outdoors. We want to release the film at the end of 2014 – just before Osho’s 25th Nirvana Celebration. We will be simultaneously shooting it in Hindi (for India) and in English (for international viewers).

In India, film means Bollywood. Are there any famous faces in the film?

Our cast will consist of mainly new faces, most come from the theatre world. We have the feeling that they will be able to portray our subjects very well. They will represent people we meet on a day to day basis.

How will the finances be managed? I imagine it will be quite an expensive project?

Friends are pooling together to make this film happens. Our budget is small, but our subject is very rich. I hope that with all the help from our sannyasin friends this bundle of magic will overpower the cine-goers all over the world.

rebelliousflower.in – facebook.com/Film.TheRebelliousFlower

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