Vedant Satyarthi


…left his body on 19th December 2013.

Vedant Satyarthi (aka Kantilal R. Zala) was born in Gujarat, India and took sannyas 35 years ago, in 1976. A year later he came to Pune and started working in the ashram. He lived in a hut by the river (in the plot where we have now the Hotel Westin) and where many other sannyasins were living at the time.

While Osho was in Oregon and the ashram was a meditation centre he used to clean Osho’s room. In Poona 2, when Osho back to Pune, he worked as a guard at the Main Gate, at the Cyber Cafe and was also in charge of the maintenance crew.

After Osho left his body he went to live in an Osho ashram in Madhavpur, Gujarat, where he lived for a couple of years before returning to Pune and taking residence in Koregaon Park.

He miraculously escaped the German Bakery bomb blast. He was there with friends when it happened! A friend from Taiwan, Jack Huang, who pulled him out from under the table that jumped during the blast, may have saved his life. He came away with severe injuries to head and ears, but completely recovered in hospital after a few weeks.

He was a very quiet person and was a lover of Urdu literature. He was also fond of music.

Anil met Vedant Satyarthi day before yesterday in Koregaon Park Lane. He said he was in a hurry and quickly left. Yesterday morning he went into a coma and was admitted to the Sassoon Hospital. His wife, Asakti, an American sannyasin, was by his side when he left his body. He was 65 year old.

Today, in the afternoon, the Osho Commune arranged for his celebration with cremation at the burning ghats.

Text credit to Anil and Asakti


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May you rest in peace, dear Satyarthi. Your presence will be greatly missed.
Antar Sagar

Swami Vedant Satyarthi, OSHO…….. OSHO…….. OSHO…….
Prem Aman

Vedant Satyarthi is my oldest and most dearest friend in Pune. He is the first person I have ever spoken to about Osho. We’ve had some epic discussions and every year our friendship grows. I don’t see the Osho Resort without seeing Satyarthi. I know not a single person that embodies the spirit, the intelligence, the boldness and dedication to the Master as much as my dear beautiful friend Satyarthi. I love this man and I’m gonna miss him so much.

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