…left his body on 15th March 2014.

From Mega and Krishna we hear that our old friend Shravakar (aka Shravi Abadie from France) was involved in a car accident in Byron bay, Australia, in the early hours of Saturday, the 15th of March and has gone to the other shore. He was a Limousine driver, and at 2.30 am a car hit him frontally. Both drivers died.

I knew him in the late 70’s in Pune from the Rajneesh ashram (now Osho Resort) since we worked together in Mariam canteen. I met him again in 2000 and he came to one of my motorcycle trips to the Ellora caves. The last time we saw each other was in 2004 in Pune.

His Death Celebration will be next Monday (24th March) at Osho Mevlana, Byron Bay.

Obit in Northern Star: Coast Road crash victim leaves a legacy of true love

Obit in Ballina Advocate: Generous, compassionate, gentle man honoured at funeral

Shravakar with glass of wine
Shravakar 3
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Shravakar eating


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Dear Shravakar, I will surely miss you, remembering the kind gentleness we shared during Poona 1 and in Paris. Fly High, dear friend, have a gentle journey!
Prem Mahakavi

Farewell, sweet friend! Your laughter now echoing in the skies, and the sparkling of your eyes shining among the stars. All the precious moments shared in Pune with you and the Frenchies so present now…

Cher Shravakar! Je me rappelle de lui, de son sourire et surtout de son humour! Love,

Without knowing about your accident, this same day I left Byron Bay to fly back to the West. In the bus to the airport, I remembered the late day that we were driving together with all the “Bunch of Bad Boys” on our Bullets to the Mulshi Lake. You always loved to drive your bike! You had the passion to drive on the roads and it is not a coincidence that you left the body in such an intense way…on the road! Remembering you, bro, for ever,

Lovely Shravakar, our pot washer in Mariam, (shared with Manartha), what good energy in that little room endlessly filling with dirty pots! Haven’t seen you for years but can still see your quiet smile. Bon voyage,

Shravie, just read about your leaving. Remember you in Pune with such a broad golden smile, charming French accent, big wits and humour…. So sad that you have gone so early and – I do not understand. Just wish you sooo well. Adieu Shravie,

Beloved, we were lovers in Poona 1 and lived together in a wondeful little house. We were so happy, so in the moment, so thender with each other. You never demanded anything, your sweet smile was and still is filling my heart. You will be always there, never born, never died, sweetheart. I am so touched by your humbleness and at the same time you are a warrior from the heart, going for the essential, leaving behind all words, never inprisoned by power games. You radiated the spirit of Osho, never to be belittled, even if your work was simply potwashing. I still see your naked dripping back, shining in the sun, sweating from the hard work, smiling, easy going. My beloved Shravakar, what qualities! Shravaka, you are an ever-shining Jewel in my heart,
Ma Prem Aranyo

Bon voyage Shravakar, je suis triste que tu sois parti, et heureuse de t’avoir connu, et qui sais dans le futur…

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