The Great Osho Festival UK


…at Osho Leela. Mark the date: 21-25 August 2014


Wild and colourful, teeming, ungovernable, alive: not so much a garden, more a forest. That’s what draws a lot of us to Osho, and his way of life and his communes.

A couple of years ago I was travelling again in India. Each weekend in Oshodham a score of people took sannyas and fifty people after meditation camps. Later that summer in Spain, a friend who distributes Osho books said he can’t produce them fast enough. I heard the same from Dhanyam in Viha; Osho’s books are flying off the shelves. In Italy a thousand people turn up for an Osho festival; in Russia, Israel, Germany, Brazil, Denmark, Taiwan, all over the place, Osho is taking off. His wisdom is ever more needed.

That luxuriant forest, that chorus of bird song, that rainbow of colours that Osho is, is not much apparent in England these days. Last autumn I met a young couple of newish sannyasins. They are spreading the master’s seeds.

We decided to establish this year a huge festival to celebrate Osho’s depth and diversity. Four days of meditation, celebration, creativity and inclusivity.

at Osho Leela UK

Osho called his people from every continent and every race, holy and unholy, old and young, rascals and rebels, monks and mothers and musicians. This summer we celebrate his diversity along with Osho Leela, the natural, well established host and skilful partner for this wind of change.

Not so much a garden, more a forest and a field of play. What Osho gave the world was love and meditation, two wings with which to fly above the troubled seas of life.

Come fly with us.

21-25 August 2014 – The Bank Holiday Weekend

Chetna, Swaram, Tarisha, Rashid

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