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Shruti shares with us one of her recipes.

What do you do with the left over almond pulp once you make fresh almond milk? I have been trying out different recipes – sweet and savoury – to solve this vexing issue. I hate simply throwing stuff away and if I can make use of something, then I do it!

courgette humus stack by Shruti

Out of this was born almond and red pepper humus. And it does taste yummy too! This recipe is raw, vegan and gluten free. I have deliberately left out quantities as you can play with them to suit your tastes.

Raw almond and red pepper humus


left over almond pulp (from making almond milk)
1 red pepper
2-3 pods of garlic
salt and pepper to taste
lemon juice
olive oil


Blend everything together to form a smooth paste. Taste and adjust ingredients as needed. If you don’t have almond pulp, soak a few almonds overnight and blend into a smooth paste. This will work just as well. Reduce tahini if doing it this way as the oils in the almonds will make it smoother and creamier.

You can also use other peppers, sun dried tomatoes, courgettes etc. to replace the red pepper. Let your imagination run wild!

I served it just as it was with some crackers but this also worked very well. A courgette stack. The courgettes can be served raw or very lightly steamed like I did. Garnish with parsley and freshly ground pepper.

Recipe by Shruti –

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