Up and Dancing at India My Love! Festival


Praful and Manish on video snippets from a concert given at a recent festival at Osho Leela UK. (Note: video no longer available.)

India my Love at Osho Leela 2014
Prabodh, Praful and Manish – India my Love at Osho Leela, 2014

Praful writes: “Last time I played with Manish must have been 15 years ago in the ashram in Poona. I love his music (specially his album ‘Sattva’) and was very happy that he accepted our invitation to come to the ‘India My Love’ Festival at Osho Leela, UK. We played two full concerts: one for listening and one for dancing. In both concerts we combined his and my compositions, which made for a unique and rich mix of styles and flavours.

“This video is a compilation from the second, the ‘dancing’ concert, where we used some pre-recorded grooves and elements. After having rehearsed with the full band for several days, this was our final performance – by then we were quite loose and just enjoyed playing, while the ‘audience’ was dancing wildly (as they love to do at Leela). The band had to learn so many pieces in such a short time, and they did really well. It was an absolute treat to have Tarisha, Sudha, Prabodh and Somesh. And of course Manish – it’s still rare and very nourishing to meet a musician who has in him both the silence and the skill!”

And Manish: “A big thank you to all the musicians who accompanied us – Prabodh, Tarisha, Somesh and Sudha – who managed to learn and rehearse almost twenty songs within two days and play and sing with us in a professional way, as if we had been a band for a long time. Also kudos to the audience at Osho Leela; their celebrative energy supported the music a lot.”

Osho Leela in Dorset, UK organises an India My Love! Festival every year. This year it was held on 23-26 May 2014. Their next festival will be the Osho UK Festival 2014 (21-25 August 2014)

Musicians: Manish Vyas (vocals, tabla, keyboards, composition, programming), Praful (bansuri, flute, sax, melodica, vocals, composition, programming), Somesh (acoustic guitar), Prabodh (bass), Tarisha (backing vocals, keyboards), Sudha (vocals, shakers)

Manish’s latest CD is ‘Shivoham’ – read the review by Samasatimanishvyas.com

Praful’s most recent CD is ‘Mirror of the Heart’ – review to be published shortly – prafulmusic.com

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