Alarming Responsibility


Excerpt from Paripurn’s latest book.

I’ve tried, in this Book II of The Invisible Actor (De Onzitchbare Acteur Book 2), just as in Book I, to share my heart with you, by telling about things I experienced, things I saw happening around me.

I hope you could find in these stories something you could recognize, or something that could give you some contentment.

I don’t have any ready-made answer about anything.

I don’t pretend to know anything.

Sometimes I have a supposition.

I often long for a society which differs greatly from most of the society I’ve seen around me.

To live in harmony with each other and with our beautiful earth, we perhaps still have a long way to go – assuming that long way is granted to us. Yes, I certainly met many beautiful people.

But we don’t have any excuse to let the world and each other bungle on in this desperate situation we are living in.

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Listening to my Master Osho during more than thirty years now has brightened my outlook incredibly.

I know that I’ve changed more and more in those thirty years or rather perhaps came back to myself.

Some of my regained lightness and perhaps of my regained insight, I wanted to share; I hope I succeeded a bit in that.

Osho has asked me to do so – sharing. His urging me has helped me to persevere.

The responsibility we have, now, is alarmingly great.

If we do not take that responsibility, life on earth will soon be extinguished.

That’s something we can’t imagine and in a reflex we tend to close our eyes and ears.

A growing number of people (among them scientists) are trying to wake up the responsible “leaders” around the world.

For the moment without great success – and that’s frightening.

But in the situation we live in, we are all responsible.

And there’s always something we can do.

I wish you all a golden future.

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Paripurn TNParipurn was born in the Dutch Indies, now Indonesia. Back in Holland, at age 23 he became famous for his dual role in the film ‘Like Two Drops of Water’, regarded to be the best Dutch feature film ever. He played major roles for theatre and TV and notably launched a career as a singer and composer of classical music. He took sannyas in 1984. He lives with his beloved, Manjula, in a quiet little village in the north of Holland.

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