Featured The Urgency — 05 August 2014


Be silent, close your eyes.
Feel your body to be completely frozen.
Look inwards, as deep as possible.
It is your own space.
At the very end you will find the empty heart.
The empty heart is a door to eternity.
It is a connection between you and existence.
It is not something physical or material.
It is not something mental or psychological.
It is something beyond both, transcending both.
It is your spirituality.
Remember, the empty heart makes you a buddha.

This moment is blessed.
Ten thousand hearts are feeling the silence
and the merger with existence.
You are the fortunate ones of the earth.

Make it clear, Nivedano…

Relax… just be a watcher of mind and body both.
The insistence should be on the witnessing.
Witnessing is your secret love.
Witnessing is Buddha, watching.

Catch hold of the experience
so that when you come back,
you bring something out of your depth –
some gold, some diamond, some splendor.

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Come back, but come back with a new richness,
with a new integrity, with a new individuality.
Reborn, sit for a few moments
recollecting the experience that you are the buddha.

Okay, Maneesha?
Yes, Beloved Master.

Can we celebrate the gathering of ten thousand buddhas?

Osho, The Buddha: The Emptiness of the Heart, Ch 2