Spirulina Bars


From Veet a sweet treat packed with protein and full of iron.

Spirulina Bars

They can be made in any shape you like. I like them in bar shapes or balls or cut with a heart-shaped cookie cutter. Roll them in either hemp seeds or desiccated coconut. They will be quite soft when you first make them but once placed in the fridge for a few hours they will firm up. You can then cut them up in small slices if serving them for an afternoon tea.

1 cup soaked almonds
½ cup soaked cashews
½ cup soaked dates
½ cup figs
3 tsp spirulina powder
¼ cup hemp seeds of ½ cup desiccated coconut for rolling

Process the rinsed nuts in a food processor or blender until very fine. Chop the dates roughly, reserving a little of the water. Cut the figs finely and remove the middle stem. Place the dates, figs and spirulina in the processor or blender together with the chopped nuts and pulse until all combined. If the mixture is dry add 3 tsp of the date water. Shape the mixture into whatever shape you like and roll in the hemp seeds or desiccated coconut, or both.

Veet Karen

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