The Dimension of Touch

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Sangit shows her felt artwork in a photo slideshow.

love-of-country hat
sun bag
tropical fish
sea urchins
silk and wool scarf
sun'd sand
pink Osho
feeling blues
purple Yasi


The transformation process from wool fibers into a fabric called ‘felt’ is a great passion for me. I am inspired by ‘country’ and colour as well as silence, silence of nature and silence of mind. For me working with paints and canvas in the past seemed to be lacking the dimension of touch; the tactile experience of working with wool now makes all the difference to my motivation to create. I am lucky that I can work with beautifully dyed merino wool tops while living in a precious part of our world that still has some wilderness left.

Felting is a meditation and I feel blessed that I can follow my bliss and give some joy to others through my creations at the same time. My work is the expression of the beautiful space deep inside.

Most of my pieces are scarves, hats, bags, shawls as well as pictures and wall hangings. I very much enjoy felting small sculptures. My techniques involve wet felting only, with a minimum of hand sewing. Whenever possible I felt items in one piece; that is challenging and great fun.


Sangit TafelmaierSangit Tafelmaier was born in 1959 in Munich. Her life has always revolved around creating. In 1982 she met Osho, moved to Australia, spent many years in India and tried 1001 ways of life and work. 10 years ago she started felting and since 2008 she lives and works as a feltArtist in the hills behind Cairns in FNQ. She had a few exhibitions around the area and generally sells her wearable art at the galleries in Cairns, Port Douglas and Atherton, online, and at a few select markets.

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