Anand Geha


…left her body on 28th May 2014.

We just came to know that Geha died last spring in Sydney, Australia after a long battle with cancer. She was surrounded by her loving family and friends who say she died peacefully. She was 62 years old. The Seattle community held a Celebration of her Life at the Osho Center on 21st June and shared many stories and photos with each other.

Anand Geha

Geha took sannyas in 1979 and after the Ranch she moved to Seattle where she lived for many years and from where she often travelled to Sydney. She then settled in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where she remained for 20 years. Geha returned to live in Sydney, Australia, in 2012 and returned to Seattle to spend two months with her friends in summer 2013.

Her friends say: “Geha was one of those rare gems that entered so many of our lives with her kind heart, deep laugh and sense of humor. She had a wild outrageous adventurous spirit. She was never afraid to speak her mind and say what she thought. She loved, danced and lived life to its fullest. You will be missed, dear friend, and will live in our hearts forever.”

Sannyas Celebration with Osho: You Have Just to Turn In, Tune In

Anand means bliss, geha means home – a home of bliss. Man lives without a home of bliss; he lives in a market-place. The market-place has entered into his being. His inner being is a constant traffic, crowded, and it is always rush hour – so many thoughts, so many desires, so many memories, so many expectations, hopes, programmes. Man lives in this crowded condition for his whole life, never knowing for a single moment that this whole crowd is unnecessary, that it is dissipating energy, that it is destructive, that it is a slow poisoning, that it is suicidal; that one can live in utter peace, silence, that one can have more silence in one’s being than there is on the Himalayas, that one can move into such spaces within one’s self which are eternally virgin – nobody has ever moved there, and nobody ever can except oneself. But unfortunately we remain unaware of our own inner treasures; we live on the periphery, we never enter into our own palace.

All the teachers and all the masters of the world are agreed upon only one thing, that the kingdom of god is within you, that the home has not to be searched for somewhere outside, that it is already there. You have just to turn in, tune in; you have just to learn the art of groping into your inner being.

It is more or less a knack – not even an art but a knack. It is learned only with people who know it. It is something that has to be caught. Hence sannyas, hence being with a master: he has moved into his inner home. It is infectious. If one comes close to a person who has moved into his inner home, sooner or later his silence will start stirring something in one of which one had never dreamt before. His very vibe will provoke dreams in you, dreams of the unknown. His very impact will go like a shock from one end of your being to another; and the shock will be a great cleansing. It will purify you, it will burn all that is rubbish, but it will save all that is precious.

Osho, Zorba the Buddha, Ch 29 (31st January 1979)


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Sweet Geha, my friend, you will never be forgotten. Her last visit to Seattle was such a gift for her friends. Fly high dear one. Love,

We lost contact when you moved to Mexico, each going our own different ways. Beautiful times and adventures together. Fly high, beloved Geha,

Since you have left your body, you are so present in my heart, your grace is shinning…

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