…left his body on 3rd December 2014.

From Shahido we hear that our beloved friend Manjusri left his body last Wednesday. He was much loved by many of Osho’s lovers in Byron Bay, in Japan and in New Zealand. He had just returned from Japan where he had sought treatment for his illness to be with his family in New Zealand.

And Zahira writes: He was 66 years of age and worked in the Mystery School in Pune 2. He was well known for crystal healing and sold crystals at all our local markets here in Australia.

His death celebration will be held in Christchurch, NZ on Monday, 8th December 12 noon. His partner Kamal suggests that we remember him during the time of this celebration.


Shahido writes:

“We will remember you, Manjusri, and thank you for your great love for Osho and your love for us, your fellow travellers. I have many memories of working together with you to keep Osho’s work available in Byron/Mullum. If I could attend the celebration I would tell many stories of my adventures with you; like the time we were brave enough to go to Brisbane and offer an Osho stall at the Body Mind Spirit Festival. Many people came by the stall and were so pleased to see us and wondered where all the sannyasins in Brisbane had gone. I loved how you offered Osho Kundalini Meditation as a course in the Byron Bay Adult Education, and the story of how I kicked you out of our commune in Gangas Rd because you wouldn’t comply to the new rules. You then went to the Ranch and when I arrived you called out from your garbage truck and said, “See Shahido, I am accepted here!”

“Love you, Manjusri. These are only a few of the stories I could tell about you and I bet the sannyas community could join me in many more stories. Fly hi beloved, I will never forget you. Love.”


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Thank you, Manjushri, for the very sweet moments I had meeting you. Amazing. Sitting here grateful. Wish you well, beloved. And wishing you well may be superfluous. You always struck me as being well in your heart. Well beyond any sickness. Love,
Valli (Vallabha)

Beloved Manjushri, What is the name for sadness and love combined? That is what I experience right now at the news of your passing. You had/have such a lovely sweet gentleness, yet a focussed strength. I still constantly wear my ‘healers stone’ I bought from you many years ago and regularly strangers are drawn to it. Sending much love to Kamal. Travel well in your light my friend.
Savitri and Milan xxx

Manjushri, Blessings on Your Journey. You were always light and grounded, my wayward ambitions at Rajneeshpurum. Thank you,

It was through a friend in Christchurch NZ that I came in contact with this beloved fellow back in 1978 which led me on to taking sannyas. Manjushri was very instrumental in getting meditations happening at the time. I lived in a different area but remember a story of a new group of sannyasins participating in a Dynamic Meditation in their living space, which happened to be an old fire station in a commercial part of Christchurch. During the catharsis stage someone from outside (believing someone was being possibly murdered or coming to some grievous bodily harm) called the police. Of course, by the time they arrived everyone had there arms in the air and were standing in complete silence……

Loved this guy. Only had two massage healing sessions with him. But something about him has stayed with me – the best healing massage ever. He was humble, kind and sincere. Like I was talking to a friend. He didn’t charge much either. Didn’t rush me out. Sat with me and had tea. Was back in 1999. A true sincere healer one of a kind.
Daniel Bell

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