A Christmas Present


Johnny wants to get his mom something nice for Christmas but she’s hard to shop for.

Passing a pet store he thinks, “Hmm, a pet might be a good idea.”

He walks into the pet store and asks the manager what might be a good idea.

“How about a puppy?”

“No,” says Johnny. “It may poop around the house.”

“A fish?”

“No, her house is small, so I don’t think an aquarium will fit.”

Johnny then spies a parrot and asks, “How about that parrot?”

“Oh,” says the manager, “That’s Chet. He’s very expensive.”

“Well,” said Johnny, “It’s for my mom, let’s take a look.”

The manager walks up to Chet, puts a lighter under his left wing, and Chet starts to sing “Jingle bells, jingle bells…”

Then the manager puts a lighter under Chet’s right wig and the parrot starts to sing, “Dashing through the snow…”

“Wow!” exclaims Johnny, “What else does he sing?”

The manager holds the lighter under Chet’s crotch at which point Chet sings, “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…”

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