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As reported a little more than a year ago, Jagdish Bharti’s feature film on Osho has been produced in a timely fashion and is about to be released.

Jagdish pointed out, “The film is set from Osho’s early life between the years 1938 to 1952, from the age of seven years to twenty one, when young Osho became enlightened. The film will give viewers a taste of the source of all wisdom.”

Rebellious Flower has been shot in various outdoor locations of Madhya Pradesh (where Osho was born and grew up) and Maharashtra. Originally the film is made in Hindi but it will be dubbed and subtitled in English and also other languages for an international audience.

Camera in action in Gadarwara
DOP Neeraj Tiwari and Kirti Adharkar in Osho Nani's Role
Kirti Adharkar Playing Osho's Nani Role
Director Krishn Hoda
Sachin Jain as Child Osho
Mantra as Paggal Baba
Mantra as Magga Baba
Mantra as Masto Baba
Shashank Singh as Rebellious Osho
Shashank Singh as Young Osho
Writer and Producer Jagdish Bharti


Besides being the producer, Jagdish also developed the concept of narration and consequently wrote the screen-play, dialogues and lyrics. It has been produced with a poetic flow and contains nine songs inspired by folklore. The film has been directed by Krishn Hooda Along with a dedicated team of young technicians the film has been directed by Krishn Hooda.

As reported in Bollywood Life, famous actor R.J. Mantra will be playing all three of Osho’s early mentors – Masto Baba, Paggal Baba and Magga Baba. Speculations were rife if Mantra would be able to justify the characters – Mantra said it wouldn’t be an issue as the three characters are completely different from each other.

He also said, ”Mantra is my sannyas name from the Osho ashram. I have been following the guru for 20 years. He is an ocean of everything for me. The film, which is made by Swami Jagdish Bharti, a veteran sannyasin from the Pune commune, is about Rajneesh’s journey to becoming Osho.”

Jagdish announced that since Rebellious Flower is about the early years of Osho, it will be followed by sequels on Osho’s life work. “We wish to invoke the intrinsic quest for truth in every one of us and give the viewers a taste of Oceanic Love and Peace, which is what Osho embodied,” he concluded.

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