Horoscope February 2015


Sitara says although there’s some Neptunian fog and intoxication by Lilith, it’s about staying alert and striving for clarity.


Aquarius - Pisces symbol

Sun 12° Aquarius – 10° Pisces
Moon 9° Cancer – 18° Cancer
Mercury, direct from 11th 9° Aquarius – 14° Aquarius
Venus 5° Pisces – 5° Aries
Mars 15° Pisces – 7° Aries
Jupiter, retrograde 18° – 15° Leo
Saturn 4° – 5° Sagittarius
Chiron 15° – 17° Pisces
Uranus 13° – 14° Aries
Neptune 6° – 7° Pisces
Pluto 14° – 15° Capricorn
North Node 12° – 10° Libra
Lilith 7° – 10° Virgo
Full Moon, 3rd, 23.10 h GMT 15° Leo
New Moon, 18th, 23.48 h GMT 0° Pisces


Mood of the Moment

Now it’s about staying alert and striving for clarity. Neptunian fog is misting up your perceptions, Lilith is intoxicating your senses and both together arouse an almost irrepressible yearning for a perfect world for which you’re ready to sacrifice everything – and that means everything! In addition there’s a retrograde Mercury, expert in mistaken thinking and misunderstandings, and the romantic Leo full moon does not guarantee mental sharpness either.

In the second half of the month the fog gradually clears and the feeling of strength and a grip on reality grows. While during the first half it would be better to postpone decisions and new beginnings, chances of success are rather better at the end of the month; it’s looking particularly positive in the area of relationships. However, there will still be a tendency to paper over the cracks, not looking at matters carefully, and not shouldering your responsibility.

What always works wonderfully with Neptune is meditation and silence. Those who have opportunities to withdraw a little and devote themselves to superior affairs will benefit from Neptune. Also, artistic activities or just resting and relaxing are under a lucky star. Practical matters however, should be tested to see if they are really able to stand up to everyday reality.


AriesAries: The month could start rather mutedly. Chiron alerts you to the inevitable limitations of life. But from the middle of the month onwards a wind gets up, and, with Venus and Mars in your sign, things will get really exciting. From sizzling erotic experiences to a creative breakthrough and an encouraging revival of habitual relationships, everything’s possible because also Saturn is an agreeable influence now. The time is suitable for new common activities, especially for outdoor exercise or dance.


TaurusTaurus: A gentle entry into February, but you could also be feeling rather defenceless – though you’re not! If needed, you can dissociate yourself vigorously. Although some concessions are needed, you don’t need to leave the whole field to others. If you have a choice, quiet activities are right for the first half of the month because you’ll be quite gentle. From the 20th onwards however, this will change; your energy increases and you will rise to the occasion. Now’s the time to enjoy dynamic activities, sports, games and fun


GeminiGemini: You’re still busy with perusals and arrangements, especially with your friendships. But your ideas and concepts are also being subjected to a careful stock-taking. This means that many of your desires and plans will be revised in the second half of the month. Some of your relationships can now be put on a different footing. Just because you like to be with a person, there’s no need to discuss all the details of your love-life with them at the same time. Look what fits.


CancerCancer: Right in the middle of the deepest winter the sun rises for you. It revitalises your body, gives you a lift, new impulses and wings to your spirit. A good month for forging new plans and start their implementation. Mid February could very much task you emotionally but by talking with like-minded people, through meditation and all that which heals and nourishes you, you’ll soon recover your balance. In the last third of the month bank on the new and different, and experiment with it.


LeoLeo: The first half of the month is there to try out new things playfully. It’s not about a big hit but to adopt other perspectives that in the long run will open up new opportunities for you. The topic of the last third of the month is not so much the concrete implementation of your ideas but more the testing of their practicality. While on the one hand you long for wonderful solutions, Saturn, on the other hand, reveals a more sober view of the situations. Distinguish from one another.


VirgoVirgo: Two highly conflicting forces define this month – the desire and the ability to adapt, and the desire to implement your own ideas uncompromisingly. Both can be fruitful and lead to the best results, but more likely it will be a frequent coming and going. While the former position is familiar to you, it appears the latter will suddenly blaze a trail from the deepest depths into the light. It’s true – your passionate side makes itself felt. Keep an eye on it to ensure it benefits you without harm.


LibraLibra: The passion and longings of the first week are disturbing to the always balance seeking Libra. While this mood could be a problem for more impulsive natures, it’s a chance for Libras to risk going beyond their usual limits. After Chiron has brought more discretion to the game, it’s going to be possible in the second half of the month – yet in a detached way and with as much temperament as discretion. The Aries energy endows you with momentum and dynamic, and Saturn bestows realism.


ScorpioScorpio: A very pleasant February devoted to your feminine side. It’s about surrender, flowing and opening. Surrender to what? Flowing with what? Opening for what? You will find the answer through trial and error. When you open to that which feels right and remain alert, you’ll soon notice when it suddenly no longer feels right. So just experiment while remaining totally in the moment, and backpedal if necessary. Otherwise it’s about surrendering to beauty and tasting it fully. At the end of the month don’t overdo it.


SagittariusSagittarius: In the first half of the month let reason reign, and if you don’t know what this actually means, talk it over with other people. Even when they advise you to do something irrational, you’ll sense this as soon as they express it and will follow your own insight. In the second half of the month follow your heart or energy, and don’t cling to your desires. They might be in the disguise of exalted goals but in fact they are merely dreams. At the very least they’re going to need a lot more foundation.


CapricornCapricorn: Now everything vibrates at a healthy level. You’re gradually getting ground under your feet and also your strength is returning. However, if possible, wait before making decisions until the last third of the month. Basically in the next four months it’s about turning your attention to the larger context in which you’re living, be it spiritually or socially. Test your intentions and actions to see if they correspond to your ideology, your ideals and spiritual orientation.


AquariusAquarius: In general you are now moving well with the flow. Your only stumbling block is the tendency to expect too much from other people or from life, or to over-estimate your own potential.
Conversely, others could be in your way with their unrealistic ideas. Procure clarity for yourself in the first half of the month when you realise you are still fogged in. Some of your ideas are already in a long revision process. There’s a chance for them to be manifested in the second half of February.


PiscesPisces: A month for the drama queens and kings! Now it’s about continually questioning your wishes, dreams and desires. Often they can unfurl such passionate vehemence, thereby giving the impression that they’ve been properly thought through and are realistic – even though the opposite is the case. Finally at the end of February a Saturnian counter balance occurs, which obviously will not be immediately recognised as beneficial. Saturn challenges you to confront life, and to grow through potential difficulties.


SitaraSitara became a disciple of Osho’s in 1979. She lives in Germany and has been writing the horoscopes of the German Osho Times since 1998. Passionate about astrology since childhood, she has published several books on the subject. She gives personal sessions, also over phone or Skype, focusing on spiritual development. Moreover, Sitara offers end-of-life care counselling (free of charge). She is currently teaching and writing about traditional advaita vedanta for Western seekers. www.astro-sitara.de

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