You Are the Whole World

Hot Chillies

Life is not as easy as you think.


It is difficult, complex; past and future all meet into it. That which has been is still there somehow. How can it disappear? All that has been is still there!

In this very moment, the whole past – not of humanity only, but of the whole universe – is implied. Your mother, your father, your father’s father, and grandfather, and grandfather’s grand father, and Adam and Eve, all are implied in you. Something of you was in the Adam, in the Eve, and they are totally in you. The whole past is there – and the whole future also.

All that is going to happen in the world, in the universe, you already carry it as a potentiality.

You are the whole world. Causes and effects, past and future – everything is joined together in you. Every line of existence criss-crosses on the point where you are.

Osho, Until You Die, Ch 7 (excerpt)

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