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Sarmad writes about a morbid Christianity.

He’s been hanging for two thousand years already. Its time to take Jesus down from the cross, put him in a chair or on a chaise lounge in a nice relaxed position, give him some decent clothes, put a smile on his face, and pretend he’s happy. Isn’t that the way you would want to be presented after your death?

And as for the old tale, he didn’t die for your sins, he died because he pissed off the money changer temple priests and the Roman governor – something all too few Christians seem to manage today.

Laughing Jesus

In any case, this new Jesus symbol idea is always brought home to me when I attend our hometown symphony concerts at a local Catholic church – one blessed with a large auditorium fit for music. Unfortunately, hanging over the symphony members is a huge statue of Christ on the Cross, sad-faced, bleeding and near death. You almost want to jump up and apply a tourniquet.

Having to face a dying Jesus while listening to Mozart or Chopin is not my idea of the total positive concert experience. Indeed, the juxtaposition is clearly disturbing. Only a pathetic dirge would fit in that atmosphere.

So, clearly, Christianity needs a new symbol, a better representation of Jesus, one in his good days. Picture a happy blessed man spreading good cheer and working his magic, helping to spread bliss, not sorrow.

Wonder why the pews are increasingly empty these days? Well, maybe its because of the morbid symbol of Jesus on the cross – forever on the cross it seems. Suffering, endless suffering. Who needs it?

Can the Church let Jesus down from the cross? Can they give him a new appearance, a new life? Can he be re-born in his own temple?

I hope Christians get the message and give Jesus a chance… to be a happy-faced Buddha, spreading good cheer and lightening our moods. Who knows, Church might become a different place with a happy Jesus?


Essay by Sarmad previously published in OEN OpEdNews – opednews.com – illustration by Osho News (pixgood.com)


SarmadAnand Sarmad (Kent Welton) grew up in Hollywood, California, attended USC for a Bachelors in History and Philosophy and a Masters in Economics and Finance. Interest in music and writing led to several books and many music cd’s of various genres. I was blessed to spend months in Poona and take sannyas from Osho in 1979. Today, he resides in Dana Point, CA and continues his writing and music production interests. kentwelton.com

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