…left her body on 30th March 2015.

Nishkam (Marcelle Wolfers) died in Bristol aged 85.

Trish writes: “Nishkam was an intelligent and determined woman travelling to Exeter University from Bristol in her 70s to gain an MA in creative writing. An admirable achievement indeed. After moving to Bristol from New York, where she was an Art Therapist, she enthusiastically became involved in our local Sannyas Womens’ Group where her comments, sense of fun and compassionate insights were much appreciated. She was also a keen participant in the annual Osho meditation camp providing some inspiring art and mask-making workshops. She had many friends from the younger generation who regarded her with respect and admiration looking to her as a wise member of our human clan. Fly high, Niskam, you are loved missed and remembered as the free spirit you are.” 

Nishkam graduation

The photos were taken at Nishkam’s graduation ceremony and at sannyasin friends’ wedding celebration.

And Nishkam’s brother Nicholas wrote this about her: “She had a very active life in Britain and the USA as an artist, writer, film-maker and teacher, but sadly contracted Alzheimer’s very seriously while living in Jacob’s Court, Hotwells, Bristol. Shortly after that she suffered a series of strokes and falls. So was moved to hospital and then to the Westbury Nursing Home. She could not communicate at all, but was well looked after at the nursing home and died peacefully at 09.00 on Monday 30th March this year.”

He recalls that when he and his family went to see Nishkam graduate from Exeter University: “She was then in her seventies and got great applause as the second oldest participant in that graduation ceremony. (She was born on 19th March 1930). Afterwards my family and I enjoyed chatting to some of Nishkam’s fellow sannyasins.” [She had also lived in Rajneeshpuram, Oregon.]

Nishkam’s funeral at the Canford Crematorium, near Westbury-On-Trim, Bristol, will be on Tuesday, 28 April at 14.00 to 14.30, followed by a chance to drink to her at a nearby pub after the service.


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I got invited to stay at his property in Februrary 2012. He was sick and moved to Bangkok to the hospital. In those days I took care of his property. He was so kind and friendly but looked still tired and slowly ready to go. All the best, immortal soul, Nishki. Take care!

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