Unless You Wake Up

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Q: A couple of years ago, you talked about the world coming to an end – earthquakes, floods and wars and things. Is that still happening? Do you still see that coming to happen?

Osho Namaste


I will go on saying yes, it is going to happen, because if it is emphasized continuously that it is going to happen, it can be prevented from happening. If the whole world becomes alert that it is coming close, something has to be done to prevent it.

Politicians go on saying, “Don’t be worried, nothing is going to happen.” It is the same as they were saying before the second world war, before the first world war: “Don’t be worried, we will take care; and God is with us.”

The third world war can happen only if people are not alerted beforehand. If people are alerted in every country, in America and Soviet Russia, then these same people will hang their politicians rather than have a third world war. This will be far better, when I see the president of America hanging from the tree, and by his side the Soviet prime minister and the queen of England…. Just hang all these people on one tree, make it a great memorial, and be finished with the third world war.

I have been saying those things because they are possible; but if you say to people that they are only possible, then they think there is nothing to be worried about, it is only a possibility, far away. People don’t see that far ahead; they don’t have that farsightedness. They are too much occupied in their day-to-day affairs. They have to be hammered continuously to realize that the war is coming closer, that the holocaust is coming closer and something has to be done to prevent it.

My prediction is not the prediction of an astrologer. I don’t mean that it is bound to happen, that it is destined to happen, no; I am not an astrologer. My prediction comes from a man who wants that it should not happen. And the only way is to emphasize that it is going to happen – it is almost certain – unless you wake up.

Osho, The Last Testament Vol. 1, Ch 14 (excerpt)

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