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An invitation to Love Mobs from Mahendra: 13th June in Munich, Germany.

The first idea of supporting a global meditation movement came to me, when I stayed in Bali in 2002, taking part in one of the Nyepi ceremonies. Nyepi is a Balinese new year event consisting of two parts:

First an afternoon and evening of festivities, where huge effigies of demons are paraded through the streets and finally burnt, followed by a 24-hour silence period, which is kept and guarded on the whole island. During the silent period there is no fire or light, including no electricity, no working, no travelling, fasting and very little talking. Even the airport is closed down for 24 hours. I was staying in a hotel in Ubud, one of the traditional towns, and the experience was amazing. The silence was tangible.

Again at my father’s funeral service two years later, there was this touching silence, a feeling created through his departure, but also through the presence of the guests, who didn’t have much in common besides knowing him. But the common intention of giving him a good send-off also resulted in a very intense silence.


The following years I became involved with two of the leading spiritual movements of present day India and many more moments of beauty, love and stillness followed. But there was a flaw. I felt that as long as there was a leader standing in front of the participants, telling them that his or her super-humaneness is the reason why the silence and love is happening, the participants were partially kept in an illusion. I distanced myself from these movements and wondered how I could share the spirit of love and meditation in a collective way with other inhabitants of the planet.

Shortly afterwards I found the first YouTube clips of public meditation events in Austin and London, called MedMobs, and a website claiming:

The intention of the MedMob is to create an environment for people from all religions, all world views, and all experience levels to join together in meditation. Our vision is to continue inspiring world-wide meditations and the entire world is invited to join – literally!”

I thought, “that’s what I’ve been waiting for!” and said to myself,  “let’s do it in Munich,” the town where I stayed then. At the same time my old friend Mega came along with the idea of an Osho friends meeting, so we got together and, along with some other events, we had the first MedMob in Munich in September 2010 with an hour of silent sitting in a central square, the Odeonsplatz.

For a while we continued these MedMobs on a monthly basis in Munich, connecting with people in the US, Italy, England, India, France, Turkey and many more, and arranging parallel events. It was great fun, but it also became clear that often participants felt a bit threatened by the busy public life that surrounds them when they are sitting quietly.

So we additionally organized a few SoundMobs, using another global communication language besides silence: singing and chanting. These can also create a beautiful serene atmosphere. It seems a lot of people feel better when they can express themselves through their voice (you don’t need any singing skills).

Finally we felt silence and sounds should be combined for a Love Mob, as love connects us all while we chant, laugh or are in silence. While some people in California and Australia had the same idea a bit earlier, the first Munich Love Mob happened in June 2014; see the pictures in the slideshow above.

The second Munich Love Mob will take place on 13th June 2015.

For more info:

And please come and join us; don’t be shy, everybody is welcome and it’s great fun!

If you feel like staging a similar event in your community, it takes a bit of an effort, but it’s a great experience, too! You can check with me for details: mx[at]

Check here for further information on the global events:

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