There Is No Meaning

Seeds of Wisdom

It is a winter morning, the sun has just risen.



There were cold winds in the night, and earlier in the morning the grass was covered with dewdrops. Now the rays have absorbed them, and the sunlight has become warmer.

A pleasant morning has heralded the day. How meaningful even the meaningless songs of birds seem to be! But perhaps life has no meaning and the imagination of meaning is man’s own idea. There is no meaning – perhaps that is why there is infinite depth and vastness in life. Meaning is a limitation.

Life, existence, is limitless; hence there is no meaning in it at all. He who makes himself limitless by his merger with the meaningless, he who becomes meaningless in this vast meaninglessness, attains to ‘that which is’ – attains to existence.

All meaning is petty and is of the petty. All meaning has been given by the ego. Ego is the center of all these meanings. The world that is seen through it is not the real world. Whatsoever is related to ‘I’ is not real.

Truth is an indivisible whole, it is not divided into ‘I’ and ‘not-I’. All meaning is from the ‘I’; hence the indivisible, the one which is beyond ‘I’ and ‘not-I’ is without meaning – it has neither meaning nor ‘no-meaning’. It is wrong to give it any name, even to call it God is wrong! God too is in reference to the ‘I’, God too is a concept of the I.

Let us say that whatever is meaningful is really meaningless. To go beyond the limit of meaningfulness is to become spiritual.

Someone asked Bodhidharma, “Please say something about the sacred nirvana.” Bodhidharma replied, “There is nothing sacred in it, just emptiness and only emptiness.”


Osho, Seeds of Wisdom, Letter 105, translated from Hindi – Krantibeej

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