In the Summer I Love to Seek


A poem from Ragini’s new book.


In the summer,
I love to seek out
the shade’s reprieve
so I can get
soaked to the skin
in its coolness!

In the winter,
I’m drawn the other way.

As that perfect
shaft of daylight
creeps across the floor,
I love to stretch out and
marinate my body in
its warmth.

But it’s truly grand when my focus grabs hold
of both the light and the dark as a seamless whole!

I’m enthralled by their wild spontaneous frolic against my walls
when the wind blows through the trees —
and their precision teamwork when the sun
spills through the blinds.

They fashion such stellar black and white
medleys of stillness and motion that even the boldest color
is forced to step to the side for a while.

My heart and mind are really into learning this seamless two-step.

They’re still a bit clumsy—
but we’re definitely
having fun!

© July 2015 – Ragini E. Michaels – Excerpt from The Wildly Quiet Presence Of God: Musings Of A Marketplace Mystic

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