Horoscope September 2015


September is here and a great potential for spiritual breakthroughs and bursting soap bubbles, says Sitara.


Virgo + Libra

Sun 8° Virgo – 7° Libra
Moon 8° Aries – 17° Taurus
Mercury 5° – 7° Libra
Venus, retrograde until 6th 15° – 24° Leo
Mars 15° Leo – 4° Virgo
Jupiter 4° – 11° Virgo
Saturn 29° Scorpio – 1° Sagittarius
Chiron, retrograde 20° – 18° Pisces
Uranus, retrograde 20° – 19° Aries
Neptune, retrograde 8° Pisces
Pluto, retrograde 13° Capricorn
North Node 2° – 0° Libra
Lilith 1° – 4° Libra
New Moon, 13th 06:42h GMT 20° Virgo
Full Moon, 28th 02:52h GMT 4° Aries


Mood of the Moment

A September with great potential – both in real and especially spiritual breakthroughs, as well as bursting soap bubbles; each burst soap bubble has the capability to be a real breakthrough. At the last Jupiter Neptune opposition of 2002, I commented: We are at a decisive crossroads: One path leads down into a tangle of deception, egocentric calculation, self-deception and illusion, the other upwards to openness, clarity, wisdom and oneness with the whole. The first path appears both interesting and comfortable, promising greatness; the second seems exhausting, promises nothing, and instead demands honesty, humility and devotion. Do we choose it anyway?

With this year’s same opposition we can look back and take stock. And we have again a new opportunity. Now Jupiter in Virgo comes to the aid if we strive for clarity, exactitude, alertness and dedication. The possibility of self-deception and illusion is substantially lower. At the same time Saturn in Sagittarius urges us to face things as they are and to confront imperfection, rather than defying and overriding it. Hence we have much greater chances on the outcome being openness, clarity, wisdom, oneness, as in 2002/3.


AriesAries: Some Aries dream romantic dreams and overlook the fact that they themselves are much too independent individuals to be able to tolerate actually living in such dreams. Now it is about what you mean by love and what you wish for in this regard. Embrace your individuality instead of denying it. At the end of the month more realism calls in. Virgo, Saturn and Lilith invite you to make a truly radical decision. Say good bye to old self-images and be as strong and clear as you are.


TaurusTaurus: Relationships are the subject of the first half of the month. Find a balance between pleasure, desire and passion on the one hand and pragmatic considerations on the other. Genuine encounter has a bit of both. By end of the month the stakes are higher because you are prompted to set new accents in your life, perhaps even to embark in a completely different direction. Do not be discouraged if something does not work out, but be creative and get actively involved in innovative development.


GeminiGemini: During this month remain alert because now quite a few things will turn out differently to what it initially seems like. Above all be honest, clear and direct. Pluto, your challenger, immediately sees through any manipulations. Lack of clarity often arises from the inclination to avoid conflicts which is not necessarily wrong. But better than avoiding conflicts is an honest confrontation, contending with each other for a good solution. This process will continue until the end of October.


CancerCancer: In the first half of September simply follow your intuition. But the New Moon in Virgo calls for a targeted deployment of your intellectual abilities. Strive for clarity and logic, yet at the same time always make sure that your conclusions are workable. If something just feels “somehow right“ or “wrong somehow“, then that’s not enough. Be more precise! At the end of the month stand uncompromisingly to your truth. The more you do that, the more others will be interested in it.


LeoLeo: In early September the desire for deep love can dominate you; likewise at the end of the month everything revolves around togetherness. If you manage to remain grounded it will lead you in a very creative direction. Uranus and Pluto help you to feel strong and free and not to drown in romantic ideas. Mid-month it is all about heeding details – but that mustn’t take the wind out of your sails. The Full Moon shows you how power and cooperation can go hand in hand.


VirgoVirgo: Your horizon expands – which at first sounds very nice, but is also confusing. Virgo loves precision and structure and Jupiter, especially in conjunction with Neptune, is far too extensive to be clearly fit into structures. Life presents itself now so much larger than you had imagined. Open the mind, heart and senses. Drop the familiar categories and simply look around – in the way a baby does. End of the month Mars provides more purposefulness again.


LibraLibra: Since mid-July you are moving through a broad transformative phase – nothing dramatic, but apparently some fine corrections are needed in your life. From the middle of September on it is about communication and learning. Your need for harmony makes you susceptible to manipulation, both on the victim’s as on the offender’s side. There is no need for you to put anyone’s nose out of joint but be honest with yourself and find plain words with others. As learning is concerned: get to the bottom of things and be willing to learn something new.


ScorpioScorpio: After three years Saturn releases you, hopefully chastened, i.e. clearer, more mature, more authentic, more realistic and more in tune with yourself and the world. Based on this foundation, a slow new development follows and a more distinct focus on spiritual values. Initially it is a matter of facing uncomfortable questions that clearly show you where ideas and assumptions are still on shaky ground. It becomes obvious that the desire for peaceful coexistence and real peace of mind are twofold.


SagittariusSagittarius: There’s no more turning back: Saturn will remain in Sagittarius until the end of 2017, and you will have to face him. He demands a lot of you because he is going for real quality. From now on look at your life as if from the beyond: What, in the end, is really important to you? Align yourself with it again. In September, it is a matter of whittling down your grand plans or desires to a human scale. Concentrate instead on the essentials and respect limits – your own, those of other people and the present circumstances.


CapricornCapricorn: With Saturn in Sagittarius a new era dawns also for you. Prelude is the Mercury Pluto square that lasts till the end of October and prompts you to scrutinise ironclad viewpoints or to justify them positively. In fact it is the sole intention to exercise logic a well as granting others to help you gain more clarity with their ideas. You may very well be able to have a good to look at everything from the highest vantage point. But if you are not able to explain it to others, your understanding is not yet complete.


AquariusAquarius: This month it is foremost about meeting each other. At the same time you’ll find new ways to stimulate yourself and others, to leave old habits and try out new things. Do not take centre stage, this would only delay a fruitful development. Instead, inspire others with your impartiality and ease by indicating new possibilities and opportunities to them. Incidentally, a month suitable for travel, productive labour, fun, games, sports and sex.


PiscesPisces: What comes into focus now is “What’s it really all about?“ The Mercury Neptune quincunx denotes a somewhat laborious process of disillusionment. It may appear now that only others are successful in finding meaning and self-actualization. First and foremost be clear about all that which is no longer true – everything else is premature. Then let yourselves fall deeply into the marvellousness that surrounds you. Do not fight it, don’t even name it but simply let it be. On the bottom of it you will find what you are so painfully missing.


Sitara TNSitara became a disciple of Osho’s in 1979. She lives in Germany and has been writing the horoscopes of the German Osho Times since 1998. Passionate about astrology since childhood, she has published several books on the subject. She gives personal sessions, also over phone or Skype, focusing on spiritual development. Moreover, Sitara offers end-of-life care counselling (free of charge). She is currently teaching and writing about traditional advaita vedanta for Western seekers. www.astro-sitara.de

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