The Very Awareness of Beingness


An excerpt from whosoever’s latest book, ‘Shivoham Shivoham’.

Consciousness Rise

it is said that the sun is around 109 times bigger in
diameter than the earth. forget the sun, how much can we
see this earth ? this earth is very big in its shape,
but it too has its boundaries. and we are trying to find out:
if there is anything which does not have any boundary. yes,
consciousness is that very thing, which does not have any
limit, because the consciousness does not have any form,
any shape. the consciousness is limitless, is all-pervading,
is everywhere. therefore there is a possibility of life
everywhere. but for that possibility to manifest,
a proper instrument is needed.

where there is an appropriate physical body
available, the consciousness makes its appearance in that
very body; what was unmanifested, becomes manifested;
what was not apparent, becomes apparent.

the consciousness disappears at the moment of
death. the consciousness appeared in the body, but when
the allotted life-span of the body gets over, or when the body
does not remain inhabitable for the consciousness, then
the association of the consciousness with the body gets
broken, i.e., the consciousness disappears again.

now a little contemplation has to be done on this:
what gets born and what dies? as you people change the
robe: you wear maroon robe in the day-time, and white
robe in the night-time, that is what krishna told arjuna
that nobody dies, only the soul changes the robe.
the thing which has a name and a form, is variable.
scientists also say: this body is continuously changing;
they say, within seven years, each and every cell of the
human body gets replaced; each and every cell gets
changed; the old one is replaced by the new one.

when i say: i am amit, i am deepak, i am babubhai;
this very name is to identify this particular body – but in
reality, my name is not me, my identity is not me. even my
body or my mind is also not me. these all are the functional
realities; these all are the means of living and leading life.
but these functional realities catch hold of us, have
gripped us so strongly, that we get entangled and then
the whole life suffer pain and pleasure because of it; this
very misbelief, misconception is our bondage of life.

actually we are not bounded by anything;
our belief, our concept is our only bondage.

so what has to be done? nothing has to be done;
only we have to see things as they are; false has to be
seen as false. in the dark, a snake was assumed, but after
investigation a rope was found, not a snake! so now would
you take out a funeral of the rope? would you take
it to the cremation ground? [laughter.]
only this has to be seen that the snake is assumed,
imposed. the rope was seen as a snake, the snake was
superimposed on the rope, which was false; when false
has been seen and known as false, the matter
gets over. now what is left to be done?

now let us see that the me-sense, which does not
have any existence of its own, which is just a thought,
becomes the central point; around this imagined, false,
impermanent, unreal center, a crowd of thoughts gather.

now if it itself is false, then the crowd of those
thoughts which gather around it, how can they be real?
whatever periphery is created around this assumed center,
obviously, will also be unreal. that is why it is said: this
world is unreal, i.e., it appears to be, but exists not.

all those who have ever known, have said: this world
is illusory. illusory means: which seems to appear, but
actually exists not; as it appears, such it is not.
creatures, animals, birds, human beings etc. of different
forms and different shapes are seen, the attention goes on
their forms, on their shapes, but attention does not go on
their substantiality. here, it is necessary to keep in mind:
what appears, is not; and what is, appears not.

the body is visible, the form and the shape is visible,
the consciousness is not visible. the substratum of the body
is the consciousness, but that is not visible. here one should not
lose sight: that in the absence of consciousness, any physical
body has no significance, whatsoever; in the absence of con-
sciousness, the physical body is a disposable material.

we have understood that by mistake consciousness
becomes one with the me-sense, i.e., becomes one with
the body-sense; by mistake consciousness identifies
with the body, believes the body as itself.

to identify with the body, to believe the particular body
as itself is a natural quality of consciousness. as the water,
due to its nature, takes the shape of the container in which it
is, becomes alike the container; the same is true about con-
sciousness; in whichever body the consciousness abides, it
becomes alike that body, becomes identical to that body.

if the body is of a scorpion, then the consciousness
becomes one with the body of the scorpion; believes itself to
be a scorpion. therefore, never touch a scorpion, otherwise it
will sting you – because, even a scorpion knows that i am.
[laughter.] if the body is of a rabbit, then consciousness becomes
alike the body of the rabbit; believes itself to be a rabbit.

bring your finger close to an ant which is moving, and
it changes its path; because it also knows that it is, that i am.
a mosquito comes flying and sits on the back side of your left
hand, when the mosquito is just getting ready to bite, sud-
denly you see and move your right hand towards it, and
before your hand reaches, it flies away! why it flies
away? because it also knows that it is, that i am.

a cow knows, a buffalo knows, a lion knows, a snake
knows – everyone knows that i am. how do they all know
that i am? because it is the same consciousness in all of them,
which is within you, within me, within each and everyone.

in whatever kind of physical construct the
consciousness appears, according to that body construct
the behaviour happens. each physical body has its own nature-
given trait, which is in harmony with its body-construct; but
it gets activated by the presence of consciousness. without
the consciousness, no physical construct can become
active, i.e., it cannot exhibit its nature-given trait.

in a rat, it is the same consciousness which
is present in a cat, but the nature-given trait of both
is different. in a deer, it is the same consciousness which is
present in a lion, but the nature-given trait of both is different;
one runs to protect itself, while the other is hunting, but the
consciousness in both of them, is the same;
consciousness is common in both of them.

now don’t forget this – as it is usually understood –
that nature has made you superior to the other species!
no, in nature every species is considered equally – whether
it is a donkey or a horse, a fly or a mosquito, a lion or an
elephant – all are created by nature; nature
does not know discrimination.

all the difference is on the periphery, is of the
outer, is of the form and shape, is body-oriented; the
same stream of consciousness is flowing within. yes, certainly
the nature manifests itself in diversity, in variety – is manifes-
ting in diversity, in variety – but in this diversity and variety
there is unity; there remains a fundamental unity. but
we do not perceive that unity, we only perceive the
diversity – the variety superimposed on the unity.

this outer diversity, this perceptible variety is unreal,
is false; it is a superimposition of the unreal on the real.
but in the internal reality, there is no division; there is no
diversity or variety in that; there is only beingness,
only oneness, only unity, only non-separation.

this very awareness of beingness – of unity, of oneness, of
non-separation, is called self-realization, or realization of the
self. upon self-realization, the me-sense disappears, the me-
sense dissolves in the consciousness; upon self-realization,
remains just consciousness, pure consciousness; remains
pure beingness; all forms and shapes disappear.

now even within the diversity, within the variety,
the same expanded consciousness is perceived. after
this realization, there remains no illusion and the whole
gestalt changes; the whole point of view of perceiving and
cognizing changes. now the unity, hidden in the diversity,
does not get out of the sight, is not forgotten.

mind you! in babyhood, the baby remains in
the sense of pure knowing presence, but innocent,
knowing nothing, in ignorance. but someone rare – one
in ten million – attains that same state again, in which he
was in his babyhood; someone rare, one in ten million,
regains that same state of pure knowing presence.

now the only difference is: he is not self-ignorant; now
he is self-aware, is self-realized. now this self-aware-
ness, this self-realization is not possible to lose.

almost all the awakened ones say: only someone rare,
one in ten million, attains self-realization; rest just ramble
in self-ignorance. although, the potential is equal for everyone,
but only one in ten million attains. If one focuses his
total will, total energy in this direction, then it is not an
impossible thing; if there is a burning desire, unwavering
passion, profound interest, and proper direction,
then this is absolutely possible.

Excerpt from whosoever’s book Shivoham Shivoham, also published in Hindi.
The English version was published in 2015 by Osho Dhyan Leela – available at theworldbookshop (at)

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