The Only Transformation I Know Of

The Urgency





Be silent… close your eyes…
feel your body to be completely frozen…
Gather all your consciousness as an arrow
in search of the center of your being.
Go inwards with no fear – it is your own territory.

At the very end of your arrow
you will find yourself as a buddha, fully awakened.
This is the first step.
Once you have become the buddha completely,
the second step is to go beyond.

Let even the buddha disappear.
Only silence and an infinite sky remains.
This is your home.
You are no more, but you have found the home.
The dewdrop has disappeared into the ocean.
Thousands of flowers blossom.

Suddenly from nowhere the music is heard.
You find all around you a pulsating life energy,
almost in a dance – and you are part of it.

Gather as many flowers and fragrances as possible.
Gather the awareness that has arisen in you.
You have to carry your awareness moment to moment
in your daily life, waking or asleep.
This is the only transformation I know of
which makes the dewdrop the ocean or vice versa –
which makes the ocean disappear into the dewdrop.

To make it more clear, Nivedano…


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Just watch…
The body is not you, the mind is not you.
You are simply a witness, no judgment, no evaluation,
but a pure silent witnessing like a mirror.
This is your buddhahood.

There is no greater joy in existence
than to be a buddha.
There is no greater beauty, no greater grace,
no greater blessing than to be a buddha.
Here life comes in all its colors – the whole rainbow.

The evening was already beautiful,
but your witnessing has made it a great splendor,
a majestic moment. It has given to it a magical quality.
Soon Nivedano will be calling you back.
Bring all these qualities with you.
Don’t leave them behind.



Slowly gracefully come back, renewed by the process,
refreshed by the process.
Sit down for a few moments like a buddha.
I am using the word ‘like’ so that you don’t freak out…
otherwise you are the buddha.

Okay, Maneesha?
Yes, Osho.

Can we celebrate the ten thousand buddhas?
Yes, Osho!

Osho, Hyakujo: The Everest of Zen, with Basho’s Haikus, Ch 6

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