There Is No Planet B.

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Kul Bhushan asserts that we can’t escape to another planet but rather ought to explore our inner space.

No Planet B
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This planet is all we have. And we have almost ruined it. Unless we clean up our planet, we will face disaster. There is no Plan B. And no Planet B. Life has blossomed on this planet. Now we are exploring other planets to find out if human life is possible out there in outer space. Thus we are exploring other planets to settle on and also ruin them with our wars and greed.

Yet the answer lies in our inner space. We have never explored it. Too busy to survive in this mad race, motivated by greed and power, we hurtle along without bothering about our vast, unlimited inner space. Once you are aware of your inner space, you are aware of your consciousness. You are aware of awareness. This can lead you to protect and preserve this planet.

The dangerous and deadly situations of urban pollution, climate change, deforestation, slaughter of wildlife, destruction of ecosystems, water shortages, overpopulation, ozone layer depletion, acid rain, and energy crunch are some of the concerns that are discussed in international conferences and assemblies. But the answer lies at an individual level!

When you start exploring your inner space with meditation, you are gradually transformed. Then you start acting responsibly, with love and compassion for nature. Then each individual act of concern for nature starts a positive chain reaction.

Osho says,” It is strange that logical scientists go on denying that there is anything inner in man. They accept the outer and they deny the inner; they accept the things in their house and they deny themselves. It is simply ludicrous, but it cannot go on for long. More and more intelligent people are searching inwards because the outer search has led to death – to the ultimate death. The inner search will lead you to deeper layers of life and finally to the eternal life in the same way as the outer search leads you to death, because objects are dead.” Socrates Poisoned Again After 25 Centuries, Ch 22 (excerpt)

So to save ourselves and our planet, we have no alternative but to explore our inner space with meditation. All these global meetings and protests with news making slogans are of little help if each person continues on this disastrous slide. Remember, we have no Planet B.

Anand Kul Bhushan


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