We Can Migrate to Another Planet

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Osho states, The American intelligence is pessimistic; it only thinks of the coming doom, doomsday.

Ecology is destroyed, this is destroyed, that is destroyed, petrol is finished and the water and air are polluted. It is perfectly right, it is happening, but it cannot be stopped either.

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The only way to go beyond it is to find some solution. Not that you can replace ecology; that is not possible. Man cannot go back, man can only go ahead. Maybe that’s why so much energy is put into going to the moon and to Mars. Maybe within thirty, forty years we will need a great migration. We have been migrating down the ages. We have been migrating only on the earth, from one continent to another continent. When food was finished on one continent, we migrated to another continent. Now, we can migrate to another planet and it will be a beautiful journey, don’t be worried. At least I’m not worried at all… about anything. Whatsoever happens is good. Rather, you meditate!

Osho, The Open Door, Ch 25

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