Breaking news today that Facebook and related apps had been suffering severe outages. 2.3 billion monthly users are affected.

Larval Fish

Micro-plastics threaten our oceans’ ecosystem as juvenile fish are becoming addicted to micro-beads. By author ‘number 23’ at AnonHQ.com, published on Natural Blaze on July 2, 2016

Plastic chili

Science is still working continuously to find a way to prolong life – to make it longer and longer and longer, and then ultimately to make life immortal.

Inside Funnelweb

Greg Ray of the Newcastle Herald, Australia, wrote on 18 October 2013 about this dramatic eyewitness account of the state of the ocean seen on a journey from Melbourne to Osaka and on to San Francisco.

Trailer for Chris Jordan’s powerful film about the horrendous implications our tossed aside plastic garbage has for all of us, and a cruel death for the albatrosses in the North Pacific.