Nature Is Being Destroyed

Hot Chillies

The world is being poisoned very slowly.


The rivers are being polluted,
the oceans are being polluted,
the lakes are dying.
Nature is being destroyed.

We are exploiting the earth so much
that sooner or later
we will not be able to live on it.
We are not behaving well with nature.

Our whole approach is wrong,
it is destructive.
We only take from the earth,
and we never give anything back.
We only exploit nature.

The ecology is broken,
the circulation is broken;
we are not living in a perfect circle,
and nature is a perfect circle:
if you take from one hand
and you give from another,
you don’t destroy it.
But we are doing it:
we only go on taking,
and all the resources are being spent.”

Osho, The Book of Wisdom, Ch 24, Q 1

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