What Are You Complaining About?

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For most people it is habitual to complain and groan about situations they are not in agreement with, says Chuck Spezzano of ‘Psychology of Vision’.

Chuck Spezzano’s insights into the nature of complaining (excerpt from his Newsletter October 2015).


Let us examine our problems and chronic problems as complaints. Here is one angle of exploration that I learned really helped as I was working with hundreds of thousands of problems over the last forty-three years.

Every problem is a complaint.
Who is the complaint to?
What is the complaint about?
What are you complaining about in regard to yourself?
What are you complaining to God about?

You are complaining about something that was done to you or not done for you. What you are complaining about is occurring because whoever it was broke your rules.

Every problem, emotion and illness contains a judgment and grievance because our way wasn’t followed. Yet in the subconscious you handed the one you are complaining to another script that they followed exactly. What the subconscious shows is that you wanted them to act exactly the way they did for some purpose.

Why would you want them to act that way? What are you using that for? What excuse does it give you?

You are complaining about something that is actually collusion and you always complain about what you didn’t give then or now. You are the one with the gift – and you took on problems to hide that you have the gift, because you want to hide instead of shine.

The subconscious shows all pain to be illusion. It also shows all grievances to be a lie. If you have any hope of getting through this chronic problem, it will take this level of honesty. You will have needs and complaints where you are not giving what is in you to give.

Also Heaven is always giving everything we need but we are refusing to receive it for some hidden reason. If we don’t give what we have been complaining about not receiving, we will continue to complain, make it all about us, and not be available to receive while we are trying to take or get something from another.

Chuck Spezzano
Together with his wife Lency, he is the founder of the Psychology of Vision, a transpersonal model of healing.

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