Inauguration of Nanak Wing at Oshodham


Kul Bhushan reports on the inauguration of the latest extension at Oshodham, Delhi, India on November 4, 2015.

The humming filled the entire room. Soon Osho’s presence was felt by all Osho lovers gathered to celebrate the inauguration of the spanking new Nanak Wing at Oshodham, New Delhi. And the energy of Swami Om Prakash Saraswati (1), who created this meditation campus, was also very much present. An all-enveloping silence descended as humming faded away. Everyone lit a small lamp in a big tray decorated with flowers and that was all. Cups of sweet halva were passed around for all. No speeches, no tributes, no platitudes.

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With twelve spacious rooms providing all modern comforts for visitors and participants, the wing has a welcoming reception dominated by two portraits of Osho and Nanak each. Six rooms are on the first floor reached by a wide staircase and two rooms on the ground floor are connected with a ramp for physically disadvantaged persons on wheelchairs.

The stark black exterior and white interior is dominated by eye-catching arches inside. Instead of the curves that meet at the top, these arches have square units that come together like the greeting Namaste with folded hands. The arches make intriguing patterns as you climb the stairs. Instead of the railings, you have arches to provide a refreshing and airy backdrop.

The walls have a rough finish like village homes. This is typical North Indian architecture to remind us of Guru Nanak, the founder of the Sikhs on whom Osho has delivered a momentous series of discourses, The True Name or Ek Onkar Satnam. A large portrait of Osho and another one of Nanak dominate the reception area. Osho is seen creating beautiful calligraphy while Guru Nanak is seen looking within.

With plenty of space inside, all the rooms open out to green mounds and the sky; the rooms have two beds, a writing table, a coffee counter, wardrobe and a bathroom. The lighting is subdued for a peaceful ambience. Overall, it is a restful space, helping you to slow down and reflect on the path of Guru Nanak.

Says Osho, “Nanak’s path to supreme realization, to godliness is scattered with song and flowers. Whatever he has said was said in verse. His path was full of melody and softness, filled with the flavor of ambrosia.”

In his discourses on Japuji Sahib translated into English as The True Name, Osho gives this insight: “Nanak says there is music at His door. No, music is His door. Celebration, festivity are His practices. The whole of existence is filled with song. You are deaf. That’s what the matter is. You cannot see, you cannot hear. On every leaf, on every flower this message is written. He has filled the universe with so many colours and it is His music that vibrates in the rainbow of infinite hues. All creation is always celebrating this festival.”

(1) Om Prakash Saraswati was fondly known as Swamiji. He established Osho Rajyoga Meditation Centre and Oshodham in Delhi, as well as among his many activities to share Osho. He became enlightened at age 82 on May 21, 2001, and left his body on March 27, 2003.

Kul Bhushan

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