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Satya Vedant sent an update about the progress for having an Osho Chair at GTU, affiliated to the University of California, Berkeley.

GTU Berkeley



I am writing to briefly share with you my recent visit to the US – especially updating you with the further progress on establishing an Osho Chair at GTU (Graduate Theological Union) affiliated with the University of California, Berkeley.

At a dinner meeting on Dec. 4th, I had a pleasure of meeting with GTU president Dr. Riess Potterveld, and Director of Dharma Studies at GTU, Dr. Rita Sherma. The president of DCF (Dharma Civilization Foundation), Dr. Manohar Shinde was also present.

At this meeting we agreed upon the following points:

  • MOU (a memorandum of understanding) with GTU shall be worked out by around January 2016.
  • As a preliminary step in the course of establishing an Osho Chair, a framework of the academic courses and studies on Osho’s vision shall be worked out by March 2016.
  • A visiting professor shall be appointed initially for a year to facilitate and teach Osho courses and studies beginning Fall 2016.
  • Around $120,000 will be needed to be raised by Osho’s family for appointing the visiting professor. A select committee will be involved in selecting a qualified person for this position.
  • By March 2016, admissions for the Osho courses and studies shall be open.
  • As these preliminary steps are underway, Osho’s family and friends shall gather resources to raise funds for the endowment of the Osho Chair at GTU – hopefully as soon as possible.

It was a very positive fruitful meeting. I felt the president of GTU was very open and supportive. At a later gathering I felt the same while talking to Dr. Arthur Holder, Dean and Vice President for Academic Affairs at GTU.

Beloveds, I trust you will find this news exciting and consider giving your support to establish the Osho Chair. I shall keep you updated as regards any further progress in pursuing our efforts for making Osho available at such a prestigious institution of higher learning in USA. I shall be very grateful to hear from you and receive your feed back *).

Much love and gratitude.

Osho’s Blessings.

Satya Vedant

*) You can get in touch with Vedant via Osho News: oshonews (at) gmx.com

For more relevant information and guidance regarding the academic/study part of the Osho Chair, please contact Dr. Rita Sherma, Professor and Director of Dharma Studies, GTU: Ritadsherma (at) aol.com

For assistance and guidance in making a financial contribution to the Osho Chair, please contact Swami Prem Antar (aka Ravi Kharbanda): rckosho (at) yahoo.com

More information about the Osho Chair can be found in Osho News under: Osho at Universities

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