Voyages — 22 January 2016

…left her body on 3rd January 2015, at age 66



Para grew up in Sweden where she studied to become a social counsellor and coach. She took sannyas in 1982 in the summer heat at the Festival in Oregon and came to Pune in 1987 where she did the Osho Counselling Training. She visited the commune regularly until Osho left his body.

Para has been working as an Osho Counsellor in her home town until she was diagnosed of cancer of the liver. She died within a very short time, luckily without suffering. She was very much loved and will be missed by her friends and clients.

Info and photos thanks to Premleena


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So grateful, Para, for our journey together. Meeting you in the most divine spaces. Deep and high, thanks to our beloved master. Fly high beloved. Endless love,

RIP Para. I am relieved that you didn’t have to suffer. Thank you so much for all your support and love. You saved me many times with your laughter and warm hugs.