The Photo


Heinz is about to embark on a long business trip to America.

His wife and grandmother accompany him to Frankfurt airport.

When they hug goodbye, his wife says to him, “Soon you will be so far away from me and I don’t even have a photo of you!”

Heinz replies, “I have one photo on me, but I cannot give it you. It was taken on Sylt at the nudist beach!”

His wife says, “Well, then give me at least the top half!”

No sooner said than done. Heinz tears the photo in half and hands the top half to his wife.

Seeing this, his grandmother gets miffed and says, “Well, well! And for your grandma you haven’t got a photo?“

Heinz thinks to himself, ‘Well the old bird can’t see well anyway. I will just give her the bottom half.’

He hands her the photo. She has one look at it and exclaims, “Yes, yes! Just like grandpa! Always unshaven and the tie is crooked!”

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