Bliss Is Always Homeless


Aniketa means homeless and anand means bliss…

…and bliss is always homeless, it is a vagabond. Happiness has a home, unhappiness also has a home, but bliss has none. It is like a white cloud with no roots anywhere.

The moment you get roots, bliss disappears and then you start clinging to the earth. Home means security, safety, comfort, convenience. And finally, if all these things are reduced to one thing, home means death. The more you are alive, the more you are homeless.

darshan with Osho

That is the basic meaning of sannyas: it means to live life in danger, to live life in insecurity… to live life not knowing what is coming next. It means to always remain available and always able to be surprised. If you can be surprised, you are alive. That is why a child is more alive than an old man. The old man cannot be surprised. He has lost the capacity to wonder, and because of that he has lost life also.

Wonder and wander come from the same root. A fixed mind becomes incapable of wondering, because it has become incapable of wandering. So be a wanderer, like a cloud, and each moment brings infinite surprises. That’s what bliss is all about. You are never dead; you are alive each moment, and something new is always happening.

If you have the capacity to receive it, something is always happening. Something tremendously beautiful, something unbelievably beautiful is always happening, but because the mind goes on gathering dust, collecting thoughts, knowledge, by and by it becomes numb, paralysed by knowledge. Knowledge is a paralysis. Once the mind is paralysed, nothing can surprise you — you are already dead. People die long before they die.

Aniketa means to remain homeless. It doesn’t mean not to live in a home. It simply means never become attached to anything. Even if you live in a palace, never become attached. If a moment comes to move, you move — without looking back. Nothing holds. You use everything, you enjoy everything, but you remain the master. Nothing makes you a slave, nothing becomes a slavery. There is no dependence, and then there is no misery.

Misery comes the moment you become clinging, attached. The moment you put conditions on life — when you say you will live only according to this way, no other way; that life has to fulfill your conditions — then you are choosing misery; because life goes on unconcerned with your conditions. If you have no conditions you can enjoy life infinitely. If you have conditions, because of them you become incapable.

Anand is bliss, Aniketa homelessness. Change to orange, so you become a really homeless wanderer.

Osho, Above all Don’t Wobble, Ch 27 – 11th February 1976

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