Australia: A New Osho Commune in the Works!

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A group of friends in Australia are looking to live communally again. A property goes to auction soon.

Beloved friends,

A small group of Osho friends in Byron Shire (East Coast of Australia) have been feeling the longing to live communally again.  We meet regularly to explore possibilities and are hoping to create a new Osho commune focused on meditation and spiritual awakening. We intend to have a communal garden, to be completely vegetarian, aim towards self-sufficiency, run meditation and health orientated retreats and anything else that helps us fulfil our spiritual path.

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We have been looking at a variety of properties over the past months and inspected a particular property on the last weekend. Most of us feel it could be ideal for our vision. The auction is set for February 20th and we need some more shareholders to secure the purchase of this great property. We are hoping it will be passed in at auction as this will give us some more time to negotiate a deal.

If you are interested to join, please get in touch with one of us for more information and so we can answer your questions directly:

Parambodhi: swamiparambodhi (at)
Shahido: mashahido (at)
Ghaya: ++61 401021215

Details about the property:

Love and light,

Parambodhi, Shahido and Gyana

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