…left his body on 20th December 2015.

Bodhidharma was born in Canada and studied for and became a financial adviser. He came to Pune in the late 70’s and when back in Toronto he helped out at the Satdharm Osho Meditation Centre there.

Friends remember him as their tofu teacher on Jesus House roof in 1980, where he also taught how to make tempeh. He also worked in Mariam Canteen. During those years he was living in Paris.

From very young he had been in a relationship with Kirti, whom he then married when same-sex marriage became legal in Canada. They were also partners in business, as Tao tells in her story below (Kirti died in the early 90’s). About ten years ago Bodhi’s health started deteriorating. He died of cancer.

Bodhidharma RIP
Harikirti Samadhi and BD Oct 1979

Tao writes:

Both Bodhi and Kirti had done just about every job you could imagine, with such a wide variety of required skills. For instance they took over a tofu factory and worked at that for a long time. They had an amazing work ethic, they did far more than was ever expected of them – you know the sannyas philosophy of ‘giving it your all’, whatever you are doing. They were very entrepreneurial.

Bodhi and Kirti had lived in the East at an earlier point in their lives. They had amassed a huge collection of Eastern art, ivory and fabulous jade and bejeweled items from China and gemstones, money, Middle East collectibles and Turkish carpets that literally overfilled their basement. It was the most amazing experience to go downstairs and see the variety and amount of collected treasures and chachkas.

Kirti had worked as a designer in fabrics, dresses, interior design, then for a fur coat company, high-end one, and designed for them. It was a very prestigious position. Bodhi worked as a financial adviser and was doing quite well, making money and feeling satisfied and rewarded that he was helping people for their retirement.

Bodhi had family in Toronto who accepted the gay relationship, and their being sannyasins to a certain extent. He and Kirti were big family people and they hosted large family gatherings on both sides, doing all the cooking, baking, shopping and bringing out gorgeous china and crystal and flatware. They had everything. Were amazing bakers and cooks, and big drinkers and smokers. Both were very generous with their time, energy, love and whatever money they had.

Kirti’s death was a very big blow to Bodhi.

Bodhi’s health declined even more over the past ten years; he wasn’t able to walk for long distances. During a phone call he detailed all things wrong with him, his struggles with money and with getting what he needed. But I heard his conditions improved, not his health but everything else around it. The last I heard he had cancer as he announced on his Facebook wall.

Text credit to Tao


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