A poem by Michael Graber

big ocean waves

I’m too skinny to contain
the infinite ocean of love.
How do these senses fit
inside the human form? Bees
and birds and whales and epic
tales converge within. Over
there, a street fight. Here,
a monastery. A drug deal. Earth
school. All turns to tone.
Your love becomes a songbook,
a psalter containing a map home.
There’s work to be done–
the harmony that creates a third
note when two voices blend
takes practice. And we, like Gods,
break out laughing at how drunk
the joy of making feels. I tried
to quit loving you, but couldn’t
fight nature. This meeting was
arranged hundreds of years ago
and the urge for union has been
building even longer. So, forgive me.
I’m too skinny to withstand this wave,
and there is no choice. Swim.

Michael GraberMichael Graber – www.stringpoet.com

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