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Ageh Bharti remembers certain incidents while working on the publication for one of the early Osho magazines.

Draft layouts of front page for Yukrand designed by Osho.

Inspired by Osho, Prof. Arvind Kumar was publishing a magazine called Yukrand in Jabalpur during the sixties. It was purely dedicated to Osho’s thoughts. Yukrand is the short form of yuvak kranti dal which means ‘youth’s revolutionary group’. I was fortunate to be able to offer some of my writings and poems dedicated to Osho and they were published in each issue. The special issues on Osho’s birthday entertained me as the Guest Editor and sometimes I was asked to write an editorial too. As a result, most of the readers across the country thought I was the publisher of the magazine! However, whenever I accompanied Osho, friends used to complain over the regular delay of the periodical and every time I returned home, i.e. to Jabalpur, I conveyed the anguish of the readers to Prof. Arvind Kumar, but in vain; no improvement on more regular publishing was forthcoming.

Eventually, I reported the matter to Osho who objected to this development and commented, “Arvind is lazy. The magazine should be published on time.”

yukrand 3

After a couple of days Osho called for a meeting of friends (1969). I was out of town in connection with my duties for Indian Railways. Osho assigned the work to volunteers. He insisted that everyone was to do his work promptly so that the magazine reached at the latest by the 1st of every month. When it came to proofreading, friends came up with my name. Osho said, “No, proofreading won’t be right for Shiv. Find someone else.” After some more discussions, friends again recommended me for proofreading. At this, Osho replied, “Proofreading would be too dry and too much of a mechanical work for him. Alok Pandey, you do it.” So Alok Pandey took over the job.

When my friend N.P. Shrivastava reported about the proceedings of the meeting, my heart melted like a burning candle. It reflected three things. One, how inculpable and apolitical Osho is. Alok Pandey could have felt bad as Osho could have commented in a different way. But he remained intrinsically true and simple. Second, Osho cares even for little things in connection with his people. Third, it is his pure innocence that brings trouble to him – as also in this case when, a few years later, Alok Pandey wrote a negative article against Osho in a magazine.

I remember another instance when the most renowned music director of Indian films, Kalyan ji came to Jabalpur with his troupe of more than a dozen artists in December 1969, to give an orchestra programme in Osho’s honour.

Kamal BarotWhen the train arrived at about 2pm, huge amounts of luggage and musical instruments were being unloaded and Osho walked along the platform from beginning to end and back again with the beautiful female playback singer, Kamal Barot, putting one arm around her waist. People talked nonsense for several days!

Lastly, I was assigned to monitor the state of things in connection with discourses, meetings and travels, and assist wherever I thought necessary. In this context, Osho asked Prof. Arvind Kumar, “Shiv’s bicycle is old. Arrange a rented new bicycle so that he has no difficulty in commuting.”

I wonder even now about his motherly affection for us!

Yukrand page

Two arrows; 26.5.1970, with signature in three parts.
25×8,6 cm. The Hindi text says:

“You ask regarding Sai? [Baba of Shirdi]
Regarding Jesus?
Regarding the Buddha?
But, what should I say regarding myself?
Lamps are several, but the light is one.
Flutes are several, but the music is one.
But, those who limit their vision to the waves
are unable to see the ocean.
And those who cling to the leaves
forget the tree.
The vision of duality always breaks the one into several.”

Ageh BhartiAgeh Bharti is a regular contributor to Osho News

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