Golden Moments

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Ageh Bharti sent us a historical photo composite and explains:

Golden Moments

The year mentioned as 1971 in the photo is wrong. It must have been taken on December 15, 1969, when we had returned from Junagarh Meditation Camp which was held from 9-12 December in Gujarat.

On the morning of December 13 Osho gave a talk to students and flew at 2pm from Gujarat to Mumbai; I left at 6.30pm by mail train the same evening.

At 3am on December 15 I caught another mail train coming from Mumbai going to Calcutta at Bhusawal Railway Station, Jalgaon district, Maharashtra. Osho, together with Kalyan ji and his troupe were coming by the same mail train from Mumbai. We all reached Gadarwara at about 11am. The same night, Kalyan ji and his troupe gave a most beautiful and historic orchestra programme. On December 16 Osho and the group left for Jabalpur by the same 11am mail train.

Hence the photo was taken during the afternoon sitting at Osho’s residence in Gadarwara on December 15, 1969. In the photo, Kalyan ji, the most renowned music director in films, is shown sitting on the right side of Osho and on the left the Superintendent of Police. On the right next to Kalyan ji is the District Collector, with other dignitaries as described.

Ageh BhartiAgeh Bharti is a regular contributor to Osho News

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