NFL 2016 Super Bowl 50 Halftime: The Chakra War


Super Bowl 50 is an American football game to determine the champion of the National Football League (NFL).

The last halftime show in February 2016 became the third highest ever watched show in the United States, with total viewership of 115.5 million.

A closer look at the body language of Beyoncé, Chris Martin and Bruno Mars reveals a microcosm of our greatest social dilemma.

The Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show always speaks to the culture and the times. This year it seemed to say our society, more than ever before, that it wants to be about love but really we’re about power. Micro-awkward in so many ways, this amazing performance attempted to blend the talents of three musical superstars but resulted in a first-ever global Chakra War.

Representing the open Heart Chakra, Chris Martin of Coldplay raises group consciousness with dance celebration and flow. His high-frequency message is “Engage the highest in everybody.”

Beyoncé represents the mighty Sex Chakra and her message is: “Crush everybody.”

The chakra-balanced Bruno Mars wore sunglasses and remained aloof, expressing “I am standing out through sheer will and we are so not in this together.” He even seemed to cringe a little at being touched by Chris Martin.

An amazing showman, Bruno must have planned his strategy, knowing the ultimate throwdown was between Beyoncé’s mighty sexual weapon and Chris Martin’s dancing heart of fun. Bruno virtually ignored the singing giants and held the light for himself. It’s fascinating how three lovable performers began to compete, expressing society’s deepest conflict between love and power. Most certainly, rehearsals were far more playful.

The next day news headlines said Beyoncé crushed Chris Martin, but so what. A higher frequency, Coldplay stays fresh and mysterious. Beyoncé’s performance is stunning and always based on old-fashioned power values of stealing the show, hogging the stage, feeding the greed. She was there to battle and dominate. While Chris Martin stayed true to his heart, his face looked bewildered at Beyoncé’s steamroller effect. Midway through her performance, the producer must have yelled into Beyoncé’s earbud to “Share the Juice” because she suddenly and robotically became politically correct and put her queen arm around Chris to reassure him.

Further generosity came from heart-centered Chris Martin, much taller than Bruno. Chris hunkered way down to split the height differential with Bruno. Transcending the beast within, Chris seems to express compassion by making everyone comfortable! Remaining aloof made Bruno look taller, and he did not seem to return affection. All in all, these micro-moments of real communication, body to body, can be seen as a demonstration of our deepest social conflict. We have to choose: Are we about power or are we about love? Or are we about love until our power gets threatened?

How beautiful our media culture would be if more rock stars, celebrities, and pro athletes did Osho’s meditations! These three musical icons could have come to the stage in a way that was an even higher energy, and more unified, harmonious, and truly giving and allowing of each other, for the benefit of all. More than masculine or feminine, the Super Bowl 50 Halftime became a power struggle – a contest to see who has the most power to grab the most light. The show confirms a long-standing social observation that Love will serve Power, but Power will not serve Love. Love takes care of everyone, but Power takes care of itself. This is why we need a love-based value system in all levels of education.

Other than that, what a performance! As for the football game, who knows? One team crushed another. I’m still trying to understand the human need for football. As the old joke goes: Why would grown men ruin perfectly good grass?

Article by Prem Geet

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