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Remembering Here&Now

Ageh Bharti remembers a particular incident that happened between Osho and him.

Ever since I met Osho, life has been full of surprises and wonders. I don’t know if it is any worth to write about it – I have none of his messages; for that his 650 books are there. I have only memories with him. But if one can flow with them, one can feel his heart. I am sharing one such memory.

Once I was listening to one of Osho’s Hindi discourses on an audio tape in Jabalpur. There came a point when he says something like, “I was reading a poem by a German poet. Its words were as magnificent as those of Upanishads. The poet says that existence is so perfect that if there were a single drop of water less, the throat of the entire existence must have been parched.”

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Hearing that, a thought occurred in my mind that ‘I too had composed a poem in English giving the same meaning and you (Osho) have seen it too. Although the German poet has said it far more beautifully, the gist of my poem’s meaning is the same. But you never admired it although I am your mad disciple. And you are admiring a poet who doesn’t even know you. He may not even be in the body by now.’ This thought came to me like a flash and then it was gone.

A few months later, when I visited Pune, English discourse was going on – perhaps on Tilopa. In those days, discourses were happening on the triangle terrace on the first floor in Lao Tzu, exactly above the point where Osho’s car stands now. When I entered the terrace for a while that same thought surfaced again but then disappeared.

Osho enters, greeting friends in his most captivating style, takes a seat and begins to speak. During his discourse, a point comes when he says, “A friend is here who says that I admired a German poet for a poem. That poet does not even know you and maybe he might have died by now. And I am a mad disciple to you and I too have written a poem giving the same meaning as that of German poet. And you have read it too. But you never admired your mad devotee.”

Osho looks at me with his eyes wide open and says, “Well, I don’t admire you because I expect more from you.”

Ageh BhartiAgeh Bharti is a regular contributor

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